Aug 10, 2007

Mother-daughter team espresso.

Pacific Northwesterners are famous for their love of coffee. Home to Starbucks, the average Seattlite consumes enough java that would normally kill a horse. If Western Washington quit drinking coffee for a day the economy would collapse. It's not uncommon for the coffee drones to spend more money on the beverage in a year than they put in their 401k.

Competition is fierce among Batistas and a drive thru espresso place in Redmond came up with an idea that would help boost sales. Kellie Echeverry, owner of Little Shop Espresso, was struggling to make ends meet and in order to attract business she figured one day she'd go to work in lingerie. Going a step further her co-worker/daughter, who's 16 years old, is serving up cups of jo in her bikini.

Guess what? Sales increased three fold.

Controversy has ensued as some residents simply can't just not go to the stand, but instead have asked the city to have it shut down. Since the family is doing nothing illegal no arrests have been made. There is some issue with a permit and a sign, but who cares?

Now some have asked me if I've been to this place, which is a fair question indeed. I like coffee and like me some scantily clad women, but I have no plans to venture there. Not that I'm a prude, but a mother-daughter team using sex appeal? A sixteen year old? It's a little much even for my tastes. I've yet to step foot in a Hooters even.

"They have never complained about the signs, ever, until we changed (to lingerie). It's just a way for them to breathe down my throat." - Kellie Echeverry

Controversy brewing over Redmond lingerie stand


Mattbear said...

"Competition among Batistas"? Hasn't that gone way down since Castro overthrew Batista in the 50's?

I kid, I kid. I kid because I love.

A woman using sex appeal to make money? Nothing new, and no skin off my back.

A woman teaching her daughter to use sex appeal to make money? Nothing new.

A woman using her daughter's sex appeal to make money? Nothing new, unfortunately, but it is a bit disappointing.

A woman using her sixteen-year-old daughter's sex appeal to make money? Also probably nothing new, but this is where the woman has crossed the line in my book. That's just low.

Prudes trying to shut down an establishment where there are scantily clad women? Sadly nothing new, but it just pisses me right the hell off. Even if one of them is a 16-year-old girl.

Plus, you know, I've seen some mother-daughter teams I'd like to get with.

whatigotsofar said...

Looks like Mattbear beat me to the punch with the 50s Cuban reference.

When it comes to stuff like this mother/daughter Hooters-esque coffee hut, if you don't like it, take your money elsewhere. Consumers don't realize they have the most powerful protesting tool ever. They have the money. If you don't like a store, shop somewhere else. If you don't like the product, buy something else.
Sure its creepy, but thats why I won't get my coffee there. Also, I live on the other side of the continent.

angel, jr. said...

I agree with WIGSF, just take the money elsewhere. This is the more powerful than shutting down the business.

mungsprout said...

what? They have issues with this but not that bar in Seattle Cowgirls? I do actually think the 16 year old in a bikini is exploiting the daughter and that is kinda crappy. On the other hand those little coffee bars dont exactly have the best air conditioning so this is another way to keep cool. Perhaps she can then go and work a carwash afterwards?

Miss Ash said...

I likened you to be less of a've never even been to Hooters??