Aug 21, 2007

The day has come.

Today marks a bitter sweet day for perverts everywhere as Hayden Panettiere turns 18 years of age. Yes the Heroes star is now of legal consent in each and every state. You can now watch her in the second season and not feel creepy.

She may be 18, but really she's just another girl who'll reject you. As much as we'd like to think we actually stand a chance at getting within 50 yards of her the truth is we'll sit here in front of our keyboards talking about how we'd hit it superhero style. Dream all you want men, cause when she lays eyes on someone as dead sexy as me and proposes marriage all of you will cry why you can't be as super cool as Wiwille.

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"FINALLY! Now during the second season I won't feel so bad watching in just a bathrobe thrown casually open." - from a Fark thread.


Big Ben said...

I think we have some similar taste in women. All the chicks you put on here are smokin - not a bad choice yet.

whatigotsofar said...

Wha' happen'?
What about your precious Scarlett?

Thats the first pic I've seen of that chick. She looks like one of those dumb slutty spoiled chicks I went to high school with.
You see, with Scarlett, there's at least the illusion of intelligence in her eyes. This chick, nothing.

Miss Ash said...

She's alright though slightly resembles the younger daughter on 7th Heaven for some reason in this photo haha.

Mattbear said...

> "What about your precious Scarlett?"

A man cannot fantasize about only one woman all the time.