Nov 18, 2007

Chef Wiwille

Loyal readers will understand I love Thanksgiving, but as the years go on I find the holiday to be more difficult to plan. As my sister spends more time with her family and with the folks getting older I may have to one day break down and create my own Thanksgiving meal. I've never made a turkey before, cause as a child we usually had a ham.

Actually I'm not much of a chef really. If it doesn't involve a microwave and a George Foreman grill I'm pretty useless in the kitchen. I guess I can make a mean grilled cheese sandwich though. My attempt at cooking an amazing meal for a nameless celebrity debutant stunningly went awry when her bodyguards maced me and threw me out of the place. I guess they didn't like the idea of a stranger showing up uninvited preparing food wearing nothing but an apron. I kept explaining I do that cause she loves it, but they weren't buying it. The judge sadly sided with the nazi thugs. Don't come within 500 yards from my love my ass. You can't stop the feelings you commie oppressor!

As I prepare for the day that I might one day be chef Wiwille for the good holiday of thanks I found a recipe for bacon wrapped turkey. Yes you read that right. Turkey covered in bacon. That's a cardiovascular dream come true ladies and gentlemen. Oh and the recipe calls for jalapenos which I like, but they make me fart. Fart a lot.

Culinary tips from Wiwille are worth their weight in gold.

It’s…. BACON! (and a bunch of other stuff)


Big Ben said...

I could prepare a Thanksgiving dinner but I don't think they have invented "Turkey Helper" yet.

Rowie said...

Being the youngest in my massive family, means that cooking has never fallen to me. If all goes according to plan, it won't for many years to come :)

whatigotsofar said...

I've found that bacon wrapped food is not always a good idea. Let me explain. THe bacon and the other meat might not cook at the same rate. I once had these bacon wrapped chicken burgers. The bacon cooked much quicker than the chicken. The bacon was burning at the chicken was still a bit raw on the inside. It may have been my cooking skills or lack there of, but regardless of those skills, the bacon adds a layer of complexity as well as a layer of flavour.

Oh man, that's a cool band name, Layer of Flavour.

Miss Ash said...

Well hopefully you still have some time to practice. Why don't you help whomever is making the turkey or ham or whatever this year, so you can learn?

rawbean said...

my parents actually bought a turkey deep fryer when they lived in the states the first time. What the hell? Apparently it cooks in like half an hour.

But I agree with you, I too need to learn how to cook a bird. Actually my dad usually does the turkey so maybe he can teach me.

rawbean said...

oh yea, and they don't use the fryer anymore.

Wiwille said...

BB - I once picked up a box of Chicken Helper and replaced it with turkey. Good stuff.

WIGSF - I'll keep that in mind when preparing it.

Miss Ash - No one lets me in the kitchen ever.

Rawbean - Mmm deep fried.