Nov 14, 2007

Yes you can accessorize.

You ever have one of those days where you feel like doing ridiculous things on a regular basis? I want to answer the phone just rambling gibberish.

"This is Erik tomahawk bofflehangler hang glider spinster dodo. Kindly wrap your arms around Santa's toilet and give homage to kings of yore. Lotta bees and bifocals attempting crepe dancing in Russian polka halls..."

Yeah I'm in a strange mood.

I used to work at a photo lab in a department store and sometimes when walking to the break room I would browse the aisles and look in awe at some of the most inane products people would consume. Yeah I was bored, but I couldn't help but wonder what kind of people purchased such nonsense.

Then one day I came across a video in ladies wear. Scarf Trends was a short instructional aid that claimed to teach you "perfect scarf accessorizing". Oh and Kathie Lee was the host. So imagine if you will someone who's really into scarfs purchasing a video and taking it home for the family to watch. "Kids see how Kathie Lee tells you how to take her sweatshop produced products and insures you look proper with neck wear? This may save your life one day."

Anyone who's ever purchases this crap deserves the shame of a scarlett letter.

"Why do I pray? Because I never know what's going to pop out of my mouth." - Kathie Lee Gifford


Scott said...

I was wondering what Kathy Lee is up to these days.

Rowie said...

Thankfully, one item I never had to stock, though Kathy Lee did seem to be everywhere...ugh.

Miss Ash said...

Damn you Wiwille, I love scarves!!! Now if I just had an instructional video.....

rawbean said...

You know you love Kathi Lee - don't deny it wiwille. You have her albums.

Anonymous said...

I had the book-from Nordstroms I think. A vid seems a bit much. Never actually wore the scarves though-just thought they looked too presumptious for some reason. But I love the cloth for the patterns and the tactile experience. It's a girl thing, I believe....the feeling of silk. Years ago I knew someone who was obsessive about running their fingers over soft cloth. They thought it was a terrible secret.

I think it takes the point too far to imagine someone forcing their family to watch such a vid. You can do some pretty funky stuff with scarves, but I can't imagine it as anything but a personal use vid. Right up there with "Yoga at home" etc. ; )

Wiwille said...

Scott - Yep the lady is keeping herself busy, but this was from a long time ago.

Rowie - Just like Brittney news you can't escape Kathie Lee.

Miss Ash - You can probably pick it up on Ebay. Christmas is coming and if you've been a good little girl...

Rawbean - All right you got me. I love her and everything she stands for.

Anon - More power to ya if you love scarves and the like.