Nov 28, 2007

They hate the football.

A few days ago a blogger from 7 Babes a Blogging wrote a critique on the sport of football. Apparently the female hates the sport most things associated with it, including Fantasy Football. Employing a writing prowess that resembled anything but wit the rant listed a few reasons for her hatred of the pigskin pastime.

While the list is hardly interesting the response to her post was overwhelming. The comments ranged from general agreement to massive amounts of misogynistic bile. Most of it seemed to be just tasteless stabs at humour, but one can never tell. Shortly after receiving such responses the blogger shut down comments on the post and another fellow blogger on the site wrote a response of her own insulting anyone who left remarks that offended her delicate sensibilities.

Loyal readers of mine know I'm not above voicing my opinion on anything, no matter how superficial the subject may be. Some of these subjects are beloved by many and critiquing them may offend those who cherish such things as Perez Hilton, Harry Potter, or any other pop culture item. That being said I understand that broadcasting such juvenile rants will open myself up to people who think my opinion is worthless or allow me to face the firing line of ridicule.

Writing a list of why you hate a popular subject and then feigning shock when all of a sudden your blog is inundated with "neanderthal" like personalities is ridiculous at best. The author posted another article on sensible, nice blogging etiquette. Yes I do wish the blogger community was full of nice people with only love and good boobies to share, but this is a weird sense of reality we write in and no amount of burying your heads from critique will help.

As most of my loyal readers know I'm a huge fan of football. I know it's not everyones' bag. Most people I know watch it for different reasons. Hell most people are more interested in the spectacle rather than the sport itself, but it's something they feel passionate about. If you wrote a blog about how Mohammad once had a homosexual orgy while eating pigs in a blanket you may get some responses that are less than kind. People who troll the internet can sometimes store strong hatred for opinions contrary to their own. If you're not happy with what they have to say then don't give them a forum to say it.

Plus I wonder if they're all that upset by all the attention the blog is getting, including a story in the Seattle Times.

Like how I wrote all that without saying "get your whore ass off the internet and back in the kitchen?"

"..and it’s filled with pigskin lovin’ Neanderthals who are undersexed, overweight, balding, piss ants who haven’t seen their own penises in years. When not watching football, they’re likely to be found sitting around with their buds, drinking beer and contemplating world peace whether or not Budweiser makes enough beer to provoke a woman into engaging in three minutes of wild fornication before she realizes what who she is doing." - 7 Babes a Blogging


whatigotsofar said...

Get your whore ass off the internet and back in the kitchen. Can I use that?

rawbean said...

hehe yea you have to have a thick skin if you're going to blog about anything interesting, because inevitably someone will not like what you've written.

Scott said...

I like when people don't agree with me. I wish I received more devisive comments. I need to rethink my whole blogging life.

Packers Rule!

Mattbear said...

Wow. If that quote at the end of your post is any example of their writing, I'm not even going to dignify them with reading their shitty blog.

Miss Ash said...

So she doesn't like football, so what??

Grace said...

Geez, all this over football...

Just imagine what would have happened if they posted about a truly great sport... like hockey :)