Nov 8, 2007


Armed thugs shot up a pro-democracy rally in Venezuela, war is still waging in Iraq, Darfur is still Darfurish, and Dog the Bounty Hunter cries a lot, but the real tragedy unfolded itself today.

Beer prices might escalate. Yes folks while you're feeling the pinch at the gas pump, grocery store, and strip club (not that I would know anything about that) you may have to dish out more dough for the brewed goodness. Due to low supply of ingredients prices will rise making it less affordable to consume a tasty stout.

I for one will not stand for it. Isn't there a country we could bomb to take care of this? Fine go ahead and raise the price of oil, but for the love of god don't touch my beer. I should form an OPEC of brewers. Controlling all supply we will rule the world.

If lap dances are next for a price increase I believe open revolt will be the only logical solution to our economic ills.

"I've only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror." - Sid Vicious

Forget gas prices: Beer is going up


Rowie said...

Oh the Humanity!!!!

Miss Ash said...


whatigotsofar said...

This is what we get for pushing for ethanol in our gasoline. "Oh, gasoline is bad for the environment." Boo freaking hoo! I want better mileage from a tank of gas dammit! And now, its driving up the cost of our food supply. Which affects everything we consume made from grains, including our beer. Wiwille, do you understand the importance of beer to Canada. Its the one thing (that doesn't involve ice) that we do better than the Americans. Beer is like holy water to us. DON'T FUCK WITH IT!

Scott said...

That just ain't right!

Wiwille said...

Rowie - Yes I'm not taking it well either.

Miss Ash - It's okay kid. Stay calm.

WIGSF - Okay you really got me going here. Canadian beer better than American? Granted the Anhueser Busch beer stuff is indeed crap, but I haven't had a beer from the north that in any way is better than any of our micro brews.

Scott - Agreed.