Nov 13, 2007

The most trusted name in news

News viewing can be a frustrating experience for me. While some of it can be informative at times I watch a lot of programs that leave me feeling with a big sense of 'duh'. A large part of television news is mostly commentary anyways telling viewers what they should already be keenly aware of.

Fox News gets a lot of criticism for it's fictional "Fair and Balanced" slogan and rightfully so. Problem is due to the obvious propaganda slant the Rupert Murdoch owned station can be the rest of the networks try to convince it's viewers that they're truly a trustworthy resource for information.

CNN calls itself the most trusted name in news; however a new video came to light that would suggest otherwise. Now I like some of their special reports, such as the recent "God's Warriors", but others can range from misleading to downright nonsense. A program dedicated to substance abuse in pro-wrestling had an interview with some "athlete" named John Cena. When asked if he ever took steroids he answered that he never did, but went on to explain his frustration with the cynical press attacking every sports star assuming their performance is partially credited with the result of drug use.

The unedited footage below is followed by what CNN actually aired. It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that the edited footage makes the pro-wrestler seem like he's a juice monkey.

"We'll have to wait the old-fashioned way." - Wolf Blitzer


Miss Ash said...

Bastards!! (That's why you never talk to the media)

More importantly, who picked the location for the shoot LMAO.

whatigotsofar said...

CNN is the most trusted name in news. That doesn't mean they are trustworthy. Its just that every other outlet is less trustworthy.

rawbean said...

Wow that was lame. Damn CNN.

Big Ben said...

Typical media play. Unfortune that we always have to tear everyone apart.