Dec 3, 2007

Don't feed the beast.

Wonkette has a regular submission where they search Youtube trying to locate Ron Paul supporters babbling into their web cams. Well this one struck me as particularly odd even for people as rabid as Paul fans.

Ron Paul has become the new savior for the Republican party and it's understandable why. His candor is refreshing as well as his libertarian stances on states rights and most social issues. Many in the party cling to him as a glimmer of hope in what they feel may be a change to a more sane and reasoned federal government.

As most 'mavericks' of presidential politics Paul has little chance of winning, but that has not slowed the grassroot support he's garnered. Problem is a lot of them are out of their friggin minds. So many of them ramble nonsense in their support for Paul that someone with a more sane intellect feels almost scared to be in that camp. With the advent of the internet it's difficult for a politician to weed out their nutty supporters.

Now there's this lady who's not above using prophesy from Revelations as an analogy for the Paul movement. Yes she refers to the federal government as the beast, something she states numerous times, then implores the viewers to help Paul tame it. In a brilliant display of eloquence her buggy eyes and voice characterizations, particularly that of the beast, is telling of one who may have grown up a Ritalin child. Now I'm no expert in mental health, but my professional opinion is to diagnose this person as 'completely bat shit'.

"When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads." - Ron Paul


whatigotsofar said...

Is it just me, or is Ron Paul just going to be the Republican Howard Dean? Yee-hee!


rawbean said...

You lost me at the Disney picture.

Grace said...

She seems to have to much faith in this Ron Paul character... I hate to be such a sceptic, but they're all alike. You have to be that way to be a politician, there's just no other choice. I mean, I just googled him, and the first thing appearing on his website is a donation form because he's trying to collect $12million for his campaign, but poor guy's only reached the $10.5M mark... whatever will he do?!