Dec 2, 2007

Let it snow.

Man I love snow. Glorious snow. If I were God we wouldn't see grass between November and March.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

I went to visit the folks to help them install a wood stove. Nothing became of it as they argued whether to have it done professionally or not. Sigh.

Rawbean, author of Rawbean's Rants, invited me up for an evening promising me bad pizza. Bad pizza has been a long standing joke between us as I recalled on of our her posts many incidents in Vancouver where I came stumbling out of a club after drinking myself into a near coma and enjoying a slice of greasy pizza at an all night establishment. She related to such activities and we made a suedo promise to recreate such events together.

I really need to stop with these run on sentences.

We first dined at a trendy place filled with art ranging from fascinating to downright hideous. Our meal consisted of great food, drinks, and blaring techno. The conversation was good though as we raised our voices above the atmosphere noise. More drinking and talking ensued at an Irish pub with stories of yesteryear and how we were probably the oldest folk in the place. Finally our quest to consume cheap bad pizza came to be as we strolled down the cold sidewalks and entered one of the many small eateries. Both of us ordered a slice of spinach pizza and you know it wasn't half bad.

It was a fun evening and Rawbean was a wonderful hostess even going so far as providing Big League Chew and good cookies. I need to meet more of these blogger folks listed on the 'Blogs by people I've never met' list.

As we walked by the clubs and watched the denizens of folks in line waiting in the cold my mind was bombarded with memories of once being them. I used to stand there with my friends waiting to spend money we didn't have to drink, dance, and flirt with girls who wanted nothing to do with us. Ahh sweet visions of youth.

Snow appeared yesterday and how I was excited. The crisp air, the beauty of the blanket of white covering the concrete jungle, and the soothing embrace of quiet was apparent. I was visiting my folks when I stepped outside to walk around and hear the crunching of new fallen flakes being packed beneath my feet. My stomping was short lived though as I realized I wanted to share this experience with a certain someone. I made my way back into my parent's house and warmed myself up with coffee and pie, but as my belly became full my heart felt empty.

The snow is melting revealing the dirty earth of mud and pavement which is usually depressing, but right now it reveals a hope I haven't felt in a while. Underneath all the superficial lining of what we try and consume to make ourselves happy there's something underneath that's strong and real. I feel something bursting out of my soul reaching to be free, something I haven't felt in too long.

"Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough." - Earl Wilson


Grace said...

On that note, I'd like to request that you move me to your 'blogs by people I've never met' section... even though I truly belong exactly where you've put me. Who knows, maybe it'll encourage me to blog more often :)

Big Ben said...

The only thing good about snow is snowballs.

When Rawbean came to Toronto, she did not offer to get Pizza with me.

rawbean said...

I like how you made it seem like I "lured" you up to Canada!

The sesame seeds on the crust were a nice touch as was the techno the guy at the pizza placed was playing.

I've been chewing fruit striped gum all day. It loses it's flavor within one minute of chewing.

rawbean said...

Oh cool, I got moved to the people you've met list!

Miss Ash said...

I loathe snow. We had our first "snowstorm" this weekend, now it's freezing rain and i'm hoping work will be closed tomorrow.

Rawbean did not offer to get pizza with me either :P

Scott said...

Big league chew! Effin amazing hostess.

whatigotsofar said...

Is big league chew a euphimism for oral sex? Or are you referring to the bubble gum?