Dec 12, 2007

If only her boss was so honest.

Dana Perino, political hottie and White House Press Secretary, expressed her knowledge about our nation's recent history on NPR's 'Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me', a show that's less clever than the producers would have you believe.

For those of you unfamiliar with NPR this particular show has various politicians and bureaucrats on to answer questions about recent headlines. Yes it's like a game show, but without the fun of whammies. I'd listen to the show more myself, but they haven't responded to my feedback regarding finger amputation and/or forced viewing of Hee Haw in case someone gets a wrong answer.

Dana was on the show recently and discussed how she missed a few days during history class. She relayed a story about when a reporter asked her about the Cuban Missile Crisis the lovely Press Secretary had no idea what was. She then went on to explain how when she asked her husband if this was the same incident as the Bay of Pigs he expressed disappointment.

Ladies and gentleman I give you the White House Press Secretary, obviously hired for her tremendous intellectual skills. She can't even recall one of the most important events in history, the conflict that almost ended the human friggin race.

Well at least she has a sense of humor about it and her boss would probably smirk and say something like "I don't recallize that".

"He has said that an arbitrary timetable in which we send a save-the-date card to the Iraqis is unacceptable to him......I stole that from Don Stewart." - Dana Perino


whatigotsofar said...

I could say "What do you expect from a women?" But I won't, that's a sexist comment. What I will say: "What do you expect from somebody who works for Dubya?"

Yeah, I know, I'm a bad guy.


Scott said...

Wow, not knowing the Cuban Missile Crisis. Somebody send her a copy of 13 Days!

Miss Ash said...


Jessica Foster said...

And just think, we're paying her salary.
And her party doesn't think we need to spend more on education...