Dec 23, 2007

Thy manager is an awesome manager.

As a child it was taught to me that Christ preached not only amongst the wealthy and sophisticated, but the impoverished as well. His sermons were not meant just for academia, but he tried to reach those who lived a life a debauchery. It wasn't uncommon for him to express his devotion for drunkards and prostitutes and I believe that's what makes him appealing to many.

I was in a liquor store the other day purchasing a bottle of Grey Goose for Andrea, who invited me over to have a Christmas meal with her, her boyfriend, and her family. I walked in there looking for her favorite brand of vodka found it underneath the store's speakers. Loud music came across the sound system and I ignored it at first, but then the lyrics caught me.

"Our God is an awesome God he reigns".

Wait. I know that song.

"There's thunder in his footsteps...."

Hold on a second. I'm hearing Jesus music in a liquor store?

It took me aback at first, but then I likened the manager of the establishment to my father, who would do something like that thinking he's clever. Or my cousin, who believes he speaks with God personally, who would stand outside a strip club or casino and read the good book. I guess what better place to preach the word then surrounded by spirits (pun intended). It's sort of like walking into a Christian book store and hearing Slayer while you browse.

No one in the crowded store seemed offended by the Christian music. Maybe their minds were somewhere else, or maybe they found it funny. I admit I thought it was humorous, but upon further reflection on this last Sabbath Day before the remembrance of the birth of the savior I believe the person behind said music was being convicted and not just trying to be a comedian. Saving souls one fifth at a time is the manager's motto and bless him for it. A small act like that softened my cynical heart a bit.

"I think if the church did what they were supposed to do we wouldn't have anyone sleeping on the streets." - Michael W. Smith

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Miss Ash said...

Ugh! I go to the liquor store for booze, not preaching.