Dec 13, 2007

Yes Santa that's what I want.

As this blog grows older I find my brain running out of content to broadcast online. Nothing particularly strange has happened to me at the gym as of late, nor can I really say any more about my disgust with the current administration.

Still there are some things that are worth sharing. Good people like Jeff have made it known to me that Kristen Bell has been photographed wearing the Princess Leia gold bikini costume that was once made famous by Carrie Fisher.

Yes that's Kristen Bell in the gold bikini. You're welcome.

So if anyone has any last minute gift ideas for Wiwille a gift wrapped hottie in this costume will suffice. Sure it's not something as clever as a scarf or anything, but it'll do. It would be a bonus if that someone was Mattbear.

"Leia follows me like a vague smell." - Carrie Fisher


Mattbear said...

Thanks for the flattery, I guess...although even I am creeped out by the idea of me in the Princess Leia slave outfit.

This past Halloween I went to a themed Halloween party, with the theme "PornStar Wars". The hostess of the party was dressed in the Princess Leia slave outfit. And she made it look good, too.

That picture of Kristen Bell is most likely from the upcoming movie Fanboys, which looks pretty crappy to me. Other than her in that outfit, anyway.

Scott said...

Ah Kristen Bell, so fine!

whatigotsofar said...

Who's Kristen Bell?


Big Ben said...

You are so good at posting pics of hot chicks, again we have similar tastes.

Miss Ash said...

Yeah who is she?

What about a dick in a box a la Justin but from Mattbear??

Grace said...

What is Kristen Bell from? She kinda looks familiar... but not quite.

I love that Friends episode!

rawbean said...

I totally don't know who Kristen Bell is either....hmmm

Jessica Foster said...

I thought Kristen Bell was a teenager?