Dec 18, 2007


In news that is interesting to no one outside the Seattle area the Crocodile Cafe, an infamous staple of the area's music scene, has closed it's doors abruptly. After it's opening in the early 90s many kids dressed in flannels enjoyed the venue to see various bands before the 'grunge' explosion. Many acts that are now household names got their start in that small club and as the place became more famous other bands frequented it as a good touring stop.

It wasn't just the music that made it a good place to hang as they served decent bar food and provided an atmosphere that was fun. I saw many a band play there ranging from Filter, Goodness, Snow Patrol, and She Wants Revenge, but the last show I saw was my friend's band Super Deluxe. That's a decent way to have my last memory of the club.

The club was historic for it's lineups such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam and sadly those days are no more. Even if it has died physically it'll stay in my mind as the venue where I could see a great show and eat a tasty club sandwich.

"It's one of the landmarks of music in this city ... that place is Seattle music." - John Richards

Crocodile Cafe abruptly closes its doors
Super Deluxe


CitySoul said...

Sorry to hear. I hate when that happens. Too few places like that around anyways.

Miss Ash said...

That's sucky! Is that a picture of the actual cafe? Looks like a fun place, oldschool fun.

Mattbear said...
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Mattbear said...

Heh...we may have been at the same show (Goodness) long before we knew each other. Crazy.

I loved the Croc. It was such an awesome place. This news makes me sad. I preferred the Mo' Rockin' Cafe, but it closed down a long time ago and left the Croc as the best music venue in town.

The last show I saw at the Croc was actually Gina Gershon, touring to support her movie, Prey for Rock & Roll. The movie flopped, but Gina actually made a hell of a rock star. The place was wall-to-wall lesbians, though. I had no idea she had such a lesbian following.

Grace said...

That's so sad. I wish we had cafe's like that around here with live music. It sucks that they closed so suddenly too... makes you wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while this happens in pretty much every major city. Clubs just don't last that long. Ironic story... last night in Toronto, the Horseshoe Tavern, a storied club in TO celebrated its 50th birthday.