Nov 23, 2010


Streets are packed with nervous travellers, widespread panic has threatened the local economy, people are shut within their dwelling fearing what lays outside, and the government is scrambling to keep everyone safe. You would think Cthulu has risen, but it's not so dramatic. The cause for such chaos is four inches of snow in Seattle.

I love snow, but sadly I was in the minority when I was living in Washington. When new flakes hit the ground it caused most to freak the hell out and drive in a manner unfit for God or man. Disregarding common sense procedures many would slam on their brakes at any sign of trouble and try to speed up a hill that was unfit for them to handle without giving thought as to down shifting or the like.

I used to ski a lot so driving in snow wasn't a huge deal for me. Earlier this year I drove over a snow covered White Pass in a packed little VW and it's a small miracle I survived the ordeal. I was fully aware of the rules for a safe journey, but again I was in the minority. The freeways were packed with commuters who refused to travel more than 10 mph and turned the interstate into a parking lot. Dreading a low speed collision a sense of neurosis swept the land which makes traversing Seattle and the Eastside an almost impossibility. Some Facebook reports claim that some spent hours on the road attempting to get home from work, while some just spent the night at the office rather than brave the concrete jungle.

One year I spent Christmas trapped inside my apartment as I couldn't even get up the hill out of the place. It was worth it though as snow is one of nature's beauty's that I can't get enough of.

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water." - Carl Reiner

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Anonymous said...

Snow is super awesome terrific. I love it. It's like a magical cold clay that falls from the sky. What more could any child (or child-at-heart) ask for?

It also feels really good when shove your junk into a pile of snow.