Nov 29, 2010


Last night I did the unthinkable. I broke a promise to myself as I sat down to watch an episode of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'. Please allow me to share my pain with you.

The show started with an awful country song that urged it's listeners to 'follow me'. The implications of that lyric are obvious as the intro cut scenes of her and her family doing outdoorsy activities with it finally ended with her arms stretched out over a nice view of the Alaskan landscape.

Finally after hearing that terrible music we're introduced to the half term Governor as she details the plans for last night's episode. As it was a rerun from last week we're told that she wanted to get her daughter Bristol, who's currently in the limelight herself with the dancing show and being an advocate for abstinence after being knocked up at an early age, out of the fame world. For whatever reason she felt that the best way to protect her daughter from the scrutiny of media consumers is best dealt by having a camera crew follow her in her private moments. The logic escapes me.

The show went on to highlight her folksy wisdom as she sometimes made a political jab thinking liberals would go crazy at the fact that she likes to skeet shoot. She often does failed attempts at humor in her interviews and we do laugh, although not with her. It's painfully clear that she has little experience in the outdoors, but that's what makes the show somewhat entertaining. They call it Sarah Palin's Alaska, but really it seems as if she's a fish out of water in the state she claims to love. The real comedy ensues when she tries something new, albeit at her expense.

Still there are other things to enjoy about the show. Alaska does look beautiful in it's majestic shots and the program somewhat humanizes her and her family. Anyone can get far in politics so long as they can work a crowd and Sarah has proved that in spades. Her travelogue is revealing which is refreshing and doesn't edit to make her seem more intelligent or competent.

If you can put behind the fact that this idiot was so close to being leader of the free world the show has its moments and provides a great look at the culture of Alaska, but her ambitions disturb me too much to enjoy it.

"Buck up or stay in the truck." - Sarah Palin

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Anonymous said...

I know next to nothing about Sarah Palin's politics and opinions. I really don't give a shit about it.
But pretty well from day one of her entering the national political scene, she's been ridiculed for being stupid.
Let's say she is stupid. Let's say she's as dumb as the mainstream media says she is.
What does that say about America if somebody that dumb could be, as you put it, "so close to being leader of the free world."