Nov 3, 2010

Wiwille 1 - Washing machine 0

They say when you become a home owner that all kinds of headaches will arise from the things you used to have your landlord fix. Such is the case with my installment of our washing machine.

Normally this would not be a difficult task. Plug the machine in, screw in the hoses, and walla, you have a fully functional device that cleans your clothing. Such was not the case in the Wiwille household.

I screwed in the hot water hose, the last of the tasks presented to me, and turned on the water. Later that day I saw a puddle of fluid running out of the laundry room. I find the water spewing out of the hose where it connects with the hot water faucet and quickly turn it off. I make a run to Home Depot, the third in at least a dozen trips in the last few days, and pick up some plumber's sealant.

I put the sealant on the threads of the faucet and screw in the hose. I turn it on and find more water gushing out of it. The next day I run back to Home Depot and find the roof is leaking. If only they they had materials and manpower to fix such a problem. Anyways I pick up sealant tape and head back home. I use both the sealant tape and the goop, but alas it was in vain. The damn thing leaked again.

I go back to Home Depot for what I hoped to be the last time that day. I bought new washer hoses and replace them. Of course that didn't help. I swore and was ready to take a sledgehammer to the miserable piece of donkey shit, but then it dawned on me that there are no rubber washers. For whatever reason the first hose had the washer fall out of it in the move and I forgot to insert the new ones in the replacement. I insert them into the new hose, tighten it down with the force of Hercules, and suddenly the wife and I have a fully functional washing machine.

I stepped back and wiped some sweat off my brow wondering how it came to be that I could be so stupid to overlook something so simple. I was angry with myself, but paused a second to realize that I won the battle with this particular appliance. Regardless of how the fight took place I was victorious and that was all that matters.

Now the dryer on the other hand....

"I was more ashamed that I couldn't work the washing machine than the fact that I was taking drugs." - Elton John


wigsf3 said...

Wait a sec... You plugged the hot water into the washing machine. What if you want to use a cold water cycle? Or does your machine require both hot and cold water feeds?

Miss Ash said...

Pffff LOL!