Dec 1, 2010

Birther smack down

A few weeks ago I felt compelled to write my state Representatives for the first time as a Texan. It was because of Leo Berman, a Republican representing Tyler, is introducing a bill before the state legislature requiring the Secretary of State to review all documents of citizenship before someone can be placed on the state ballot to run for President. I asked the folks representing the district I live in to kindly vote this down should it come to that, but I left out the part where they should light it on fire and put it our with their urine and sprinkle the ashes in Glenn Beck's coffee.

He claims the American public are somehow confused as to Obama's birthplace and assumes that everyone is as gullible as he is and buys into the birther nonsense. As if Texas didn't have enough image problems, this intellectual midget won't accept the facts behind the President's birth in Hawaii and would rather believe in internet rumours. He's gone on record stating that our elected Commander in Chief is God's punishment on America. It seems the Lord only serves to punish Republicans for reasons I don't understand.

He finally took to CNN to discuss this with Anderson Cooper. Predictably the journalist hit him with all the facts that dispute the birther bullshit as well as Obama's youthful travel plans. Berman had no answer for any of it, but held true to his beliefs. The Representative clearly displayed his idiocy and I hope the citizens of Tyler see this and vote him out come next election. Not only is this bill insane, but it's unconstitutional as well.

"I believe that Barack Obama is God's punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president." - Leo Berman


wigsf3 said...

If this guy is just going to listen to internet rumours, we should start are own. So, here we go.

Leo Berman is not just an immigrant, he's an alien. Leo Berman is from Mars.

Mattbear said...

You're assuming that the people of Tyler, Texas are smarter than their representative.

There's clearly a reason he got elected, and he probably just made himself a hero to his constituency.