May 1, 2006

I have a dream that men can be free to have women grind them for 20 bucks a pop.

Scores, which is known for being Howard Stern's favorite strip club, is planning on opening a new establishment in Philadelphia. The proposed venture is causing a stir among residents as the zoning board hearing has just turned silly.

It's reported that a lawyer representing Scores quoted Dr Martin Luther King when commenting on the freedom one has to pay a coked out girl to sit on your lap and tease you. The audience didn't take too kindly to the counselors remarks.

Another lawyer for a nearby church dressed as Andrew Hamilton, which probably confused everyone in attendance. The hearing became extremely heated as one can imagine.

Being no stranger to the art of exotic dancing (as a customer, not an employee mind you) I find this whole thing absurd. Yes we should be able to pay some hot girl for the fantasy crotch dance. Yes a business should have the right to provide such as service, but damn we should not bring Hamilton or King into this argument. I'm surprised no one came dressed as Christ.

"The only roles I got were of strippers and hookers. I think I'm the only actress to play a stripper on 'Happy Days.'" - Cassandra Peterson

Gloves come off at strip-club hearing

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