Oct 4, 2006

Damn I'm random.

A while ago Nhak, one of the five authors of Billy Ocean Student Council Treasurer, posted about an article in Wired a while back. The sarcastic article recreates typical posts from some of the most popular blogs, such as Fark, Daily Kos, and Slashdot. If you are a reader of such blogs I do recommend you take a look.

Since I like using sarcasam at others' expense, including myself, I decided to write what a typical post would look like for the blogs I have listed in my roll. I'm also hurting for a topic to post about and am not above ripping people off.

This is not meant to offend, but to simply have fun. Enjoy:

Blog.As.You.Are: Another detail of my mid-life crisis brought to you in verse.

The Blog: Ate massive amounts of (insert fast food chain here), poked fun at the help, and consumed enough Metamucil that would normally kill a horse. Harrased co-workers with obscure references to (movie, music, inside joke) and made them feel dumb. Posted ego centric photo on various object.

What the Blog?: Another bi-monthly haiku.

The Inexcusable: Republicans and religious fanatics can die in a fire. Oh and I just bought cool stuff and am watching obscure movies that Erik probably hates.

Greg's World: To hell with Blogger. I moved to MySpace.

Caliban's Journal: Just got turned down for another job, but in good news my dating life is still miserable. Oh wait....

Sunburned Feet: We're pregnant and building a house.

Alec's Blog: Republicans are stupid. I'm smart.

Kyle's Blog: Democrats are a bunch of pansies who try to surpress my television viewing habits including a steady diet of Knight Rider and The A-Team.

Yes Sir e Bob: I got a job.

Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer: Deja Vu develops stripper pole that generates emission-free energy. Accuse oil companies of conspiring to supress the technology. (youtube video). (submitted by Mattbear on Nhak's post).

Mind Blowing Insanity: My ex-husband/boyfriends are insane. My garbage disposal went haywire and my niece is the most adorable kid on the planet. Enjoy pictures of me in various states of undress.

Accidentalpurposity (Two writers): TracieLacy: Ex-husband/boyfriends are emotionally retarded. My boss sucks and I'm going out for drinks. Alyssa: Co-worker attacked me with lawn dart all the while trying to look down my shirt. Thought of the day is to not wear bright colored underwear while humming pop music and mentally making a list of what makes the perfect guy.

Life is Grand, Love is Real and Beauty is Everywhere!: Please be cultured enough to get the lyric that I posted as the title. Oh and kindly comment about all your most intimate sexual details while I ponder my existence.

There's a Land That I See: Has it been two weeks since I posted? Let me give you an update....

City Soul: I used to be a hot urban party girl. Now I'm a hot suburban soon to be mom.

Rawbean's Rant: (Insert pop culture item) is so inane that I'll illustrate what I'm feeling about it.

Customer Service Hell: A guy wrote into Microsoft claiming Chris Matthews, Dick Cheney, and Eric Roberts have developed mind control techniques and Bill Gates has hired him to assasinte a third world dictator. He also wants to marry a goat.

Waiter Rant: A yuppie complained about the food, seating arrangement, and/or my breath while I make witty yet over-their-head commentary. I got a book deal. Yay me!

Crooks & Liars: All Republicans suck. All Democrats are good. You are less of a person if you don't buy a Dixie Chicks album.

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire: Quote of the day includes politician stating something stupid. Poll numbers indicate....Zogby is God!

Wonkette: Lobbyist caught trying to solicit a 17 year old, posts pictures on MySpace.

OneGoodMove: Religion sucks and to prove that I'll post the opinions of Richard Dawkins, John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. You cannot argue their logic so to hell with your faith.

The Blank Top Chronicles: Guy calls in for cab and demands white person, rate quote, and oral. I insult them and hang up. Customer never shows up for cab.

Of course I had to opine on mine.

Erik's Ramblings: (Insert picture of hot celebrity) Stripper, who bears a striking resemblance to Scarlette Johansson, is under fire from Muslim extremists for chanting Koran quotes while grinding a pole. I'm so unattractive she probably wouldn't give me a lap dance. Mildly literate rant ensues. (Insert quote by random celebrity/writer/politician/etc).

Ahh that was fun. Any thoughts and/or complaints about how I detailed your blog let me know.

"However, as I read criticisms in the comments and on other blogs about what I write, I have become increasingly sensitive about what I say here." - Joichi Ito


Scott said...

Thanks for my blog summary... that is pretty much it...hahaa.


Mattbear said...

Oh man. I was laughing before I got to mine, but once I read mine I was laughing hard enough to get tears in my eyes. It's funny because it's true!!!!

And you included "Die in a fire". For some reason that always makes me laugh.

GeekManGreg said...

Haha, boy isn't that the truth (about my blog)! I've been meaning to update my blog but I guess I've been either too busy with work and school or I just don't have anything to say! I'll update it soon! :)

elizab said...

*rotflmfao* this is sheer brilliance, down to the last detail!

rawbean said...

Haha Scott's is so true.

I really need to draw something on my blog soon, thanks for reminding me.