Oct 27, 2006

Vote and be sexy.

This morning the Pretty Girl and I will be flying out to North Carolina to attend a wedding. Considering I'll just be getting off work in a few hours this will make a long flight indeed. I won't be submitting a mindless rambling on Friday so I hope this useless post will hold you over.

With the upcoming mid-term elections many parties are scrambling to get their voter base to come to the polls and some are using interesting methods. Women's Voices, a voters advocacy group, are trying to get the 20 million single ladies who didn't vote last election out to the polls with a series of ads that use a tried and true method of advertising and that is...sex.

Yes you read that right. Shameless self promoting rappers threatening to kill you if you didn't cast your ballot wasn't enough so suggestive ads seem to be the new thing.

The PSAs even have Hollywood starlets claiming voting is 'pretty' and 'sexy'. Now I encourage you all to vote this November, but voting is so not sexy. Walking into a high school gym with a bunch of geriatrics operating the booths does not put me in the mood. If it did I think therapy would be in order.

This is not as stupid as P Diddy's 'Vote or Die' campaign, but I'm afraid no one will buy into it. What would bring women out to the polls though? Sexy men dressed in firefighter outfits? Political talking head shows that specifically target women? Oprah?

How about decent female candidates with a strong grasp on the issues? One who will do a better job of connecting with women than the oversexed sleazy men currently occuping Congress? Why can't either party offer that at least?

I kind of want to show up on November 7th wearing S&M garb. After CPR is admitted to all that have been traumatized by that the cops will ask why I decided that was appropriate attire. I of course will respond that I simply was told that voting was good for the libido.

"20 million women on their own can make a difference. Unmarried women across America are getting the job done, but it isn't easy. But they have the power to make a difference. There are 20 million women who did not vote in 2004, and when they take part in the next election, they can change history." - Statement from Women's Voices website.

Curtains Drawn, It Was Love At First Ballot


Scott said...

they are desperate to increase voter turn out... well not the republicans of course, but others.


Big Ben said...

Why did the U.S. givewomen the right to vote anyway?

Kidding (no seriously why?)