Oct 12, 2006

There's always next year.

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and like you I was completely unaware. I'm not sure what the day's significance is, although reading about it it seems that the Human Rights Campaign started the day as a celebration of alternative lifestyles.

Gee I didn't come out of the closet yesterday. Was I supposed to? Is not expressing your deep seeded obsession for man on man loving on Oct 11th sort of like not wearing green on St Patrick's Day? Instead of a pinch you just get dry anal? Was I supposed to buy a Clay Aiken album or read Gore Vidal?

Okay that was a little gross. Time to look at pictures of Sophia Loren circa 'Boy on a Dolphin'.

"I might as well be gay. And not just because I love rhinestones and Barbara Streisand. But because I'm a sensitive person who is supportive of gay people the same way I'm sensitive to grossly obese people and ugly people." - Richard Simmons


Scott said...

That Simmons quote is fantastic.


Alyssa said...

he is so sexy