Oct 17, 2006

Mike Tyson World Tour complete with misogyny!

For those of you sick of hearing about politics on my blog do not despair. I bring to you a sprinkle of celebrity culture that I know you all enjoy, well at least in secret.

As I've said before it's been a fascinating if not bizarre campaign season riddled with sexual deviancy, crazy fanatic rhetoric, and now disgraced athletes.

Connoisseur of human flesh Mike Tyson has been campaigning for Michael Steele. Yes apparently being a convicted rapist is not so bad in some circles.

Iron Mike goes on to say that he's launching a world tour which will be a series of four round bouts with various opponents. He expressed his desire to fight a woman, namely boxer Ann Wolfe. With a 21-1 record she's definitely been a dominant fighter; however I don't wish Mike Tyson on anybody. Thankfully Wolfe's camp seems uninterested in being part of this carnival act.

Recently there's been a lot of discussion about female vs males in the ring and some matches have resulted in a champ (women) vs chump (men) fight. For some reason placing champion women in the ring with men who shouldn't put on the gloves is supposed to empower them. Yeah I don't get why either, but maybe, just maybe Tyson is looking to bring female boxing to a level beyond that of the pathetic WNBA. Yeah wishful thinking I know. That's what I get for analyzing the mind of a madman.

Everyone who doesn't hate Tyson should. He ruined heavyweight boxing for me and..well...the idiot friggin raped some body. That and he bites people, acts like an ass every time a camera is shoved on him, and he blames all his misfortunes on everyone but himself. I just wish he would go away, but sadly politics has given him another avenue into the public eye.

Some wonder why I'm so interested in public discourse and sometimes I don't have a good answer.

"My biggest weakness is my sensitivity. I am too sensitive a person." - Mike Tyson

Tyson serious about fighting women on 'World Tour'

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Mattbear said...

God damn. Why couldn't somebody have shanked this asshole when he was in the big house?

As one of the guys on KZOK said this morning, "He's not married anymore, so he has to find another way to get to beat up women" and not get arrested.

Yes, yes, women are as good as men at anything, got that; but there's only so much that skill can make up for in the ring. There are no women in Tyson's weight class. If you're smaller than Tyson, then pretty much one hit = down for the count.