Oct 20, 2006

Wiwille's greatest hits!

I'm feeling kind of tired tonight as the landscapers showed up and disturbed my slumber on an hourly basis. That and the fact I had some strange dreams I'm having a difficult time just staying awake.

Trying to come up with something to write about tonight became a real chore so I decided to browse my own blog for a change. I thought I'd put up a compilation of my posts that people either seem to enjoy the most. Yes it's Wiwille's greatest hits coming to you from the rainy northwest for a limited time only.

It's fun to look back and see how far I've come as a writer this past year, which isn't very far at all really. Travel down memory lane with me as we view my over opinionated rants.

Interesting conversations with random strangers: Some girl defined my life by going through my grocery cart.

From the land of sky blue waters...: My review of the first beer I ever drank.

I'm not a big Harry Potter fan and that doesn't make me a bad person: My humble opinion on the Harry Potter craze.

Makes the cartoon Dennis seem pretty mild: I outline my experience as a camp counselor watching over Lucifer's child.

UNICEF not so smurfy. I say smurf off: I comment about a UNICEF ad depicting Smurfs being bombed. This post was also quoted in Time magazine.

Miserable corp speak: I go off about terms like 'action item'.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...: I chronicle my worst date ever.

Damn I'm random: Here I am giving soundbyte synopsis about the writers on my blogroll.

MySpace vs Blogger users: So much fun being poked at MySpace users expense.

Sexymonica: This seems to be everyone's favorite as I make fun of a MySpace friend request that I found odd.

"Bored people, unless they sleep a lot, are cruel." - Renata Adler

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