Oct 20, 2006

Parental Control

Here tonight on my lunch break I saw something truly horrendous. No I was not witness to a violent crime, but something that most consider worse and that is a MTV reality show. Yes the network that brings you 24x7 suckage was broadcasting a dating show of sorts called 'Parental Control'.

I was sitting in the break room eating my Campbells soup when one of the Ukranian janitors flipped the channel to the program. She asked if it was okay that she watched this and me being the nice guy I am said okay.

She owes me. Owes me huge. I'm talking about a steak dinner at Daniel's with a Playmate kind of owe me.

After watching that drek I contemplated giving myself a frontal lobotomy. Now I would normally sit here and give a description of the abomination I saw, but I am now to dumb to complete a reasoned analysis. Right now I make Corky look like a Mensa scholar. Don't be surprised if my post tomorrow is about how I lost teeth while trying to eat a bowl of rocks for breakfast.

"I think MTV put a huge dent in the songwriting craft." - Christopher Cross


Scott said...

Sounds like MTV has released another hit show... so scary.


elizabeth said...

ugh...I am so glad I don't get that channel.