Mar 16, 2007

But wait, I do have something.

I'm a pretty open minded guy. No seriously. My social politics are very libertarian at heart and hardly anything really phases me. Consenting adults involving themselves in various acts doesn't bother me, even ones that seem taboo. As long as their actions don't infringe on others I say go ahead and marry who you want, become a rising star in reality TV, or even buy a product that Rachel Ray endorses.

I may look down upon the various antics and situations people put themselves in, but I will not condone making said acts illegal. One news story that came across to me (thanks Andrea) has me so disturbed I feel like getting violent.

Meet Sunny Lane. Sunny is a porn star. She does what porn stars do. This is not strange in and of itself as I'm sure most of you savy Internet users are full aware the skill sets required for a female 'actor' in the adult film industry.

Even people with very sensitive constitutions aren't shocked to hear that a girl has decided that getting naked and being penetrated on film is a good idea. I feel it's a bad decision myself, but am kind of a hypocrite as I do enjoy the naked ladies. I'm not so much a fan of porn, but I do enjoy the Playboy spread from time to time.

Okay all the time.

Most people in show business need managers they can trust that will handle their operations competently and professionally. Sunny is no different so she engaged the assistance of the people she has the most faith in, her parents.

Yes her folks handle all of her business arrangements from hyping her to the adult news community to judging the quality of her films. Yes her Mom and Dad watch the films for 'quality control' purposes, but state they fast forward through the sex scenes. They follow her to adult movie conventions endorsing her assets to fans and what not.

For the love of everything that is good in this world this is wrong. So very wrong. I watched an ABC news piece on this threesome (zing!) and I'm almost at a loss of what to say. Her Dad claims that 'dreams do come true' which I guess if your aspirations is to take nine inches of manhood on film, well to Sunny I say mission accomplished.

Her parents may be at a loss of what to do when they heard the news of Sunny's chosen career so they just decided to manager her to try and protect her from all the predatory types in the business, which I imagine are many. They can also keep a better eye on her and help steer her away from meth, AIDS, mob ties, etc. Still watching her Mom and Dad get all excited about seeing their daughter on Playboy TV makes me want to scrub myself with a SOS pad.

"They'll pay $50 to $100 for panties," - Shelby, Sunny's mom.

Sunny's Myspace
ABC News


Mattbear said...

I saw some of this news piece as well, and was pretty sickened. Despite what the father said, I suspect a history of sexual abuse there.

Claire said...


I need to go scour now.


whatigotsofar said...

You gotta figure, parents who raise a child who grows up to be someone who has sex for money are probably the type to want a cut of that money.

Think of it as a dowry.

Scott said...

Wow, that is disturbing on so many levels really. Nuts man!


Miss Ash said...

Oh i saw this as well on Primetime. It gave me the willies, very odd.