Mar 19, 2007

Everyone's Irish today, cept for those Italians.

I never understood St Patrick's Day. Sure I love an excuse to drink, but why this day? Here we are celebrating St Patrick, who effectively brought Catholicism to Ireland and did some miracles in the process, with drunkenness. I'm sure he'd be proud.

St Patrick's Day was a good day indeed as Pablo, Tiffany, the Pretty Girl, and myself went tubing up at the Summit. We all had a good time playing in the snow and showing Pablo's girlfriend, who's from Florida, around the Northwest.

Later that evening Toby and I joined Andrew and Jessica at a local Irish pub. Conversations ranged from Irish heritage, stupid human tricks, musicals, Andrew questioning my sexuality, and various other topics. Being adopted I have no idea if I have any Irish in my blood, but that night I drank like one. I didn't feel like bombing an English coffee shop so I'd make a poor Irishman, but I can't recall much of what I did that evening.

I met many strangers that evening who told me about their lives. A friendly bunch they were as I sat and listened to their tales and helped a guy not puke. Ahh the glories of heavy drinking.

Many years ago on this glorious holiday I sat upon a stage and sang 'Whiskey in the Jar'. As I consumed my body weight in Irish whiskey and car bombs I don't remember exactly the events that led me to entertain the bar with my rendition of this classic Irish ballad, but the audience did seem to enjoy it.

"Every St. Patrick's Day every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to." - Shane Leslie


Miss Ash said...

Ohhhh car bombs. I have not had one of those in eons. Probably a good thing haha.

rawbean said...

Random music video! You know the lyrics to this song? Yeeek.

You're adopted? Have you mentioned this before? That is so interesting!

I went out on Sat but was in bed by 11:00...awh.