Mar 6, 2007


After racking my brain trying to figure out what I'm going to blog about today I came to the conclusion that I really have nothing to say. Seriously I can't come up with a topic that I feel passionate about, well at least to document here. Yes I know Britney is nuts and Hillary faked an accent, still I could care less about either story.

I think I need to lead a more exciting life, one filled with action, adventure, and Playmates feeding me grapes. True inspiration would arise and this blog would be filled with stories that would entertain myself for years to come. Alas...

I've written quite a bit considering I just announced I have nothing to write about. I'm not that smart.

Anyways since today is going to be my slack day I bring you a trailer of a film that'll probably end up on my "Bad Movies I Love" list. Yes it looks terrible, but I'll still watch it. I shouldn't have to explain why.

Oh and I bought my first lotto ticket. Prize is $355 million. Wish me luck.

"Inspiration is a farce that poets have invented to give themselves importance." - Jean Anouilh


Claire said...

There seems to be a rash of this lack of inspiration in blog land just now...I hope your muse returns!


whatigotsofar said...

You'll watch anything with that Scarlett Johannson person, won't you.
It doesn't look all that bad really.

Scott said...

Love the quote and I am feeling your pain.