Mar 23, 2007

He took the midnight train going anywhere.

My friend Corey is a huge pop music buff. You'll never find him listening to any other genre whether it be jazz, blues, classical, and/or opera, but he does own albums by such bands as Chicago, Van Halen, Matchbox 20, etc. Yes his tastes don't vary much, but he displays much passion for power ballads.

Corey and I used to rent a condo together. His car got broken into and the thieves stole his CDs, all but one actually. That album being Journey's Greatest Hits. Yes the criminals were selective in their thievery.

Go ahead and laugh. The cop filling out the report found it amusing. After Corey informed her that they left the CD she giggled and said 'yeah kids'.

"There's always a price for what you want." - Steve Perry


Miss Ash said...

Now when you say Power Ballad do you mean like "The power of Love" by Frankie goes to Hollywood??


whatigotsofar said...

[sigh of relief] power ballads. Face it folks, everybody likes a good power ballad now and then. Quick run down - My Top 5 '80s Power Ballads
5 - Open Arms by Journey
4 - What You Give by Tesla
3 - Love Song by Tesla
2 - To Be With You by Mr. Big
1 - I want to know what love is by Foreigner

And never leave original CDs in your car. That's what CD burners are for.

Scott said...

I used to have a fondness for Poison, they sure fell off the face of the earth didn't they?

rawbean said...

hahaha hehehe