Mar 20, 2007

It's all your fault.

Why is it that shows like Rome end much sooner then they should when one trick ponies like American Idol, The Real World, and the latest modeling show keep getting renewed?

It's all your fault. You can't get enough of mildly talented kids singing 'reunited and it feels so good...reunited and cause we understood....' or some various rendition of a Bonnie Raitt song. Not enough models or drunken 20 somethings can keep you away from the boob tube. You're so fascinated with Keifer yelling "there's not enough time" that you'll develop a man crush on him. Sadly you believe Dr Phil is really there to help people with their faults. Don't get me started on Oprah.

Firefly came and went. Rome's last episode will be soon upon us. Deal or No Deal will be around for a generation and people still find Larry the Cable Guy funny. Sigh.

I will miss the glory that was the HBO series. Few shows have captured my interest as much as this historical drama. To bad I'm alone in my passion for shows like this and The Shield.

"So, the bottom line on Rome is that it, like most good art, will be best appreciated by viewers who are willing to meet it halfway. This is not a show to fall asleep to. But, if you thrive on textured writing, if you know your history (or want to learn), or if you still ponder wistfully the 1976 BBC production of I, Claudius, this show is for you. Even for lovers of reality TV, Rome is probably still worth checking out. The sheer $100 million spectacle of it all will keep most any viewer interested for a little while—not to mention the full-frontal nudity and graphic violence. And if you get hooked in by that stuff, maybe you'll actually care when Caesar gets et tu Brute'd. Come for the nekkid people, stay for the history—the motto of any good Classics buff." - Eric Neigher


E. said...

Bro- you are so not alone. Friend and I have been hooked on Rome and are anxiously anticipating/dreading the last episode. Take heart brother- there are those of us who can honestly say they have never watched a single episode of idol or 24. ;)

Mattbear said...

I don't have HBO, so I haven't watched this show, but you make it sound good...especially when you put it in a similar class to my current favorite show, The Shield (I'm presently anxiously waiting for season 5 to hit DVD). I do watch some crappy shows, I'll admit, but I can't stand Idol or Top Model or any of that crap. It's mainly The Shield, Daily Show, House, and a lot of HGTV for me.

rawbean said...

I don't even know this show!! I love HBO though!