Mar 8, 2007

Just in case.

Recently a highly superstitious Serbian man decided to put an end to Slobodan Milosevic's life once and for all. Rational thinkers may believe that since Milosevic has been dead for almost a year he's hardly capable of masterminding another civil war laced with ethnic cleansing. No not this lonely Serbian man, who ironically is named Milosevic (no relation), he had to take the death of a tyrant a step further.

This man with the unfortunate name visited the grave of the disgraced Socialist president and drove a three foot wooden pole aiming for the heart. According to him and his group of vampire hunters they wanted in insure that the long dead leader's evil spirit will not arise from the grave.

Not quite up to par with the work of Ford or Oswald, still when reading the article I had this funny image of people in too much goth makeup sitting around a table bragging about how they just chiseled their teeth to look like fangs. An argument would erupt about the continuity of Anne Rice novels and how Buffy was a much better televsion show than movie. One person would make the valid point that Rice is a terrible writer so the argument is moot and both versions of Buffy sucked. Said person would be snarled at and beaten with various items that were recently purchased from the local Hot Topic. As punishment for making the mistake of critiquing their patron saints the man would have to prove himself worthy of staying in their little club. Assassinating an already dead politician seemed like the logical choice.

I love how stereotyping nerds is still politically correct.

"Being a teen idol is what I've waited for my whole life." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Vampire hunting


whatigotsofar said...

Buffy would have been a better show if Buffy was the vampire and she was going around doing, I don't know, vampire shit.

Like, I'm come to suck your blood, or some junk. Oh no, I broke a nail on your neck. Quit squirming! I've got to like, drink your blood and kill you or like my life will just totally suck.

rawbean said...

This blog is getting a little heady for me.... :(

Wiwille said...


rawbean said...

too smart. even when you are talking about something that isn't that make it sound well....intellectual. Oh yea!