Mar 15, 2007

I'm a winner!

A few days ago Rawbean, author of Rawbean's Rants, posted a contest where readers submit a story that "made you laugh so hard you almost peed your pants." Winner would get a prize that's currently unknown.

As you may have imagined I submitted the porn truck incident and after what I'm sure was hours of careful deliberation on the part of our pretty Canadian blogger she announced that I'm the winner. She did seem kind of bummed that I took the prize stating "Well goddammit it's wiwille......HOWEVER, I do have two honorable mentions." UPDATE: Apparently the good Rawbean was not in fact bummed I got the prize. She changed her post to reflect her excitement at my win denoting sarcasm. I feel so much better now knowing that I'm a real winner in her eyes.

The yet to be revealed prize will be mailed to me. What could it be? Will it be a slice of cheap pizza? An artifact from her place? Alcohol? Circus animal cookies? The tension mounts as I await my prize that was so greatly earned on a cold night with too much time on my hands.

Actually I'm hoping it's an album of one of the mildly obscure bands she listens to. Or porn. I'm not picky.

"I forgot he had that amazing frozen-porn-on-the-truck story when I put this one out there." - Rawbean


rawbean said...

Is this already edited??? Ahhh!! I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Everything I say is sarcastic.

Poor wee wiwille...hehe.

ohh the anticipation of the prize!

Miss Ash said...

I had to come over and take a look after the porn story, as well as your comment on BB blog about twirling your manhood in the shower. Hilarious!!!