Mar 22, 2007

Gandhi does not approve.

People are very passionate about their television shows and I am no different. I feel the sense of loss everytime I think of the last episode of MASH and the Wonder Years. I'm still ranting about the end of show's like Rome and am eagerly awaiting the release of Season 5 of The Shield on DVD. Yes I do like some television shows, but none have brought me to risk my health for them.

Why would someone put their well being in jeopardy you ask? Well one American Idol fan has the answer.

Meet J. J states she is a big fan of the cruel version of Star Search and was very excitied about this current season. She is dismayed by a particular contestant that is still involved in the contest and thus feels it's necessary to take action to help boot him off. J feels it's her duty to go on a hunger strike until the contestant, Sanjaya, is voted off.

Yes J is depriving herself of food, because of what she feels is the lack of talent displayed by him. Her MySpace page, entitled Starvation for Sanjaya, chronicles her hunger strike and her feelings about the contestant's lack of musical gifts. She states on her page: "We have no problems with Sanjaya personally, he seems like a very personable and charming young man. However, he does NOT belong on American Idol. The judges faltered with their decision to place him in the 24, and American Idol voters have done even worse by keeping him on.....if you would like to see this hunger strike end, the only way to let this happen is to vote for anyone OTHER than Sanjaya after American Idol on Tuesday's!"

Now I'm no doctor, but I was told not eating is not exactly a healthy activity to engage in. People who have been reading this blog will expect me to go on a rant about how there are more important issues to be an activist about such as peace, economic instability, world hunger, etc, but I'll let dear J speak for herself. Of course my comments will be in red.

"Many people have also brought to our attention that there are many causes more important in the world to be concerned about other than American Idol. Yes, we know this. It's not that we don't care about or don't support these other causes (I in fact, am a big supporter of Bono's RED campaign)" (So you won't starve yourself for the betterment of the world, but rather for a reality television show who's main formula for success is cruelty which has been admitted by the show's founder?) "We have also heard opinions like "It's just a reality show! Who CARES?!?!" well, different people care about different things." (Yes a lot of people dedicate their lives to well being of our world's citizens. You care about horseshit) I also wouldn't say it's "just a show," (It's amazing how you feel a piece of entertainment who's main goal is to bring in advertising revenue is 'only a show'.) American Idol draws in the highest shares of ratings every week for FOX (Given the standard of Fox programming is this really saying a lot?) and also rakes an amount of advertising revenue which is up there with the Super Bowl (Which is just a game. I still fail to see how this cruel, ugly contest is anything more than a television show.)

This is what it's come to people. Starvation for the sake of television. Since the show's main draw is how nasty someone can be to a human being I'm surprised this girl thinks this will work. It'll probably make more fans of this Sanjaya character and in turn bring in more votes from people hoping to see how long her hunger strike will actually last. That is if she is indeed on a real hunger strike.

It also says on J's MySpace page that she doesn't want kids. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

"Women say hello and then put their hands down my trousers. I thought it was my hand they were supposed to shake." - Simon Cowell


whatigotsofar said...

gimme a break

Mattbear said...

Somebody, for the love of god, kill that ignorant bitch. We can't just take her word for it that she doesn't breed - we need to guarantee it.

Claire said...

Oh my gosh....that woman needs a bitch slap, stat. And I like AI!