Jul 13, 2007

I'm indifferent to Linkin Park and that doesn't make me a bad person.

I'm not a huge fan of Linkin Park. Yes I know you all love that band and everything they stand for and while I like maybe one of their songs most of the time I find them redundant and annoying. Since the music loving public will shamefully love a band one minute then gleefully announce how much they suck the next I was always curious when Linkin Park's time was up.

Remember when everyone loved Creed, Limp Biskit, and butt rock? A few years went by and someone released a memo urging everyone to trash and hate the music they once rocked out to and fans who have no loyalty quickly turned and followed the leader. Similar thing happened with 'Titanic', but that movie did suck.

When Linkin Park came on the scene they sounded like the world's loudest boy band to me. Then they kept releasing songs and everyone soon loved them. I mean loved them. I didn't understand it, but there's a lot I don't get such as why I'm not universally known as the sexiest man ever. That will forever remain a mystery.

"We're not the Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd. We're Linkin Park, and we cut all the fat out. We don't do guitar or drum solos." - Chester Bennington

The following annoying parody really hits the mark:


angel, jr. said...

Yeah, I maybe like one of their songs, but would never spend money on the whole CD. If you listen to the one song, you've got the whole CD down.

Miss Ash said...

I'm going to be the odd lady out. I love Linkin Park and they put on one hell of a show. I suppose it helps that Chester is hot...granted he has like 4 kids and had been married a few times ewe!!

Big Ben said...

I loved the parody. I liked a few of their songs - whatever. I'm not a music guy and most people who make fun of them couldn't make better music anyway.

Mattbear said...

Oh, that parody cracked me up. Awesome. I try to avoid listening to anything my skater-punk niece likes, just as a benchmark, so Linkin Park definitely falls in the "not gonna do it" category.

whatigotsofar said...

its no Radio Free Vestibule, but it'll have to do.

whatigotsofar said...

found a link, check it out: