Jul 19, 2007

Wiwille has perverted sense of justice.

Although the Michael Vick story is months old the overrated quarterback has grabbed the attention of the national media again as federal indictments were slapped upon him for his alleged participation in a dog fighting organization. What's interesting about this case is I wonder if he's the only high profile celebrity who attaches himself to this bloodsport. Will this be like baseball where one person is found to be using steroids and suddenly an entire legion of players are under scrutiny?

This may be the case as Clinton Portis claimed that dogfighting "can't be too bad of a crime." Ladanian Tomlison expressed his disgust for the act, but in the same breath admitted to being a spectator in the past. Seriously folks how the hell can you sit and watch dogs kill each other and why risk your lucrative lifestyles to do so? Is the rush of being in the NFL not enough?

I do hope it's Vick and only Vick who chose to involve himself in this ugly activity, but I'm skeptical. The NFL doesn't need this kind of ugly publicity. And you thought the Bengals were bad enough.

While I'm not a capital punishment advocate I do hope if Vick is found guilty that he'll be dropped in the desert with an army of wild hungry dogs. Yeah I'm kind of twisted that way, but I have a soft spot for man's best friend.

What's even more interesting is that Vick will face less jail time for abusing dogs on his property than if he grew pot or made moonshine.

Okay enough about dog killing. Now to the stuff you're really interested in and that is a list of the hottest female athletes. Women's golf seems like a great spectator sport now.

"It can't be too bad of a crime." - Clinton Portis

Animal-rights activists say Vick case 'tip of the iceberg'


Miss Ash said...

That makes me sick!! Bastard!

whatigotsofar said...

a question to Miss Ash, what makes you sick? Is it the concept of animal cruelty or Wiwille's idea to punish another human being by chucking him in the desert to be feasted upon by dogs? It's the former, not the latter, right?

As for Vick, how does one get into that kind of stuff? Who wakes up one day and says "Hey, I wanna see to dogs kill each other today." The whole concept of dog fighting leaves me feeling flabbergasted.

Miss Ash said...

Righto WIGSF!! Chucking the human in to the desert doesn't bother me. Had he not been such an ass then it would bother me but alas it does not.