Jul 31, 2007

You're free to go.

Today I came across a news story that I'm sure will interest all. During a cheer leading camp 33 high school girls were involved in a fight. Yes you're reading this right. Over two dozen Texan cheerleaders brawling. Since they're in high school and you, dear reader, are not you're a pervert for having any interest in this story. Chris Hanson would like to have a word with you.

In sad news the late great coach of the 49ers Bill Walsh has passed on. I am probably the last 49ers fan in the Pacific Northwest so I feel alone in my sorrow for the man who coached one of the greatest teams ever. Let's not forget the architect behind the best drive in Super Bowl history.

”We sort of, watched her grow up, from little and made her the biggest star in the world. We made her what every young girl wanted to be, and then we tore her apart. We made her the way she is, it’s our fault, it’s not her fault, and hopefully she’ll find a way. People should leave her alone, no one knows the whole story.” - Hayden Panettiere

Dallas Skyline cheerleaders involved in scuffle

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Miss Ash said...

Ughh men!!! I love the Chris Hansen remark haha.