Jul 26, 2007

Observations from the field.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. This week I'm spending my time at a work conference at the Seattle Convention Center learning about new products and procedures. The content is surprisingly interesting as our company has seem to make some great advancements in their technology as well as investing into some new exciting things.

We have employees here from all over the world and I'm lucky to meet a few. Yesterday I had breakfast with a couple of folks from the UK who were really cool, which is a rarity amongst tech geeks. They asked some interesting questions about Seattle such as where they can find some quality ladies. I was stumped honestly as I've never went out downtown to scope for the ladies. They were kind of disappointed in the fact that I can't help them in their quest for some good ol American loving, but I pointed them in the direction of Pioneer Square which may assist them in their needs.

Apparently they've already been there. They went to Cowgirls Inc the previous evening and one of them was so wasted that he has pictures of himself riding a mechanical bull, an event he has no recollection of. They both claimed they were impressed by the "quality of the ladies", but sadly neither of them "got beneath the bedsheets" with the girls.

Given this event is such a sausage fest I kind of empathized with them in wanting to at least get some good eye candy. Seriously there's a few thousand guys here and about 500 women. Yeah the girls get stared at a lot.

I'm glad to see my company is at the forefront of bridging culture gaps.

After this event is over I'll be back to my five posts a week. Hope all is well with my blogger land buddies.

"Stand beside your horse and your man, in that order." - Sandra Odin.


Miss Ash said...

Where do you work again....1000 men for every 500 women, I'm in!!! I can be a computer geek if I have to be :)

Ummm and Cowgirls looks like a place where one would find a nice girl to bring home to mom.

Scott said...

Um where are these cowgirls??? I need to get there.

whatigotsofar said...

First off, chix in cowboys hat, HOTTTTTT!!!!!
Secondly, 3 years in college studying programming. Not one hot chick in the program. Aw hell, rarely was there a second woman in any of my classes.
The few women there, they had their pick of the litter. But then again, most computer geeks are just that, computer geeks.

mungsprout said...

You were at the convention center that week? My friend from England was up here for that whole craziness too.