Jul 5, 2007

Zombie dream.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July with all appendages still intact. I had a great one as the Pretty Girl served some good food and had a nice turnout for her get together. The fireworks display was amazing this year and we all had a great view.

Still I had a late night last night so today I'm pretty useless. Last night I had one of the most vivid, bizarre dreams. First off I started off in North Germany. I had no idea how I got there, but I was standing with two doctors who were explaining to me how I was helping in the first line of defense of a zombie plague. They told me that I was recruited to assist them in vaccinating people who've been infected with a virus that eventually turns them into a full fledged member of the slow walking dead.

The male doctor gave me a gun and a flashlight. The gun's ammo was syringes filled with the vaccine. The flashlight was a special one as not only did it cast light, but if you shined it on someone and if they were infected their veins would glow green right through their clothing.

With me so far?

The doctors explained further that there are 10 stages of the zombie transformation process. Stage eight is the last point the vaccine will work. Stage nine will not turn someone into a flesh eater, but you're soon on your way to becoming one and there's no hope for you.

Our post again was located in northern Germany in a small war withered town. In the town was an abandoned sports stadium where apparently all the zombies were gathering to plan their takeover of the world. Pretty organized bunch for being dead. Anyways I was to stand post at a house that was located on the road to the stadium. My job was to weed out the stage 1-8s. I would shine my flashlight on the zombies walking by and if I saw a stage 1-8 I shot them with my vaccine gun and the doctors would provide them with medical care. If they were stage 9 or 10 I was told to let them go to the stadium and not attack unless provoked. Given that we were on the edge of the military blockade I was told that the soldiers would take care of most of them anyways.

Interesting. I did my job though and shot numerous 'almost' zombies while the doctors did their thing. After a while I got bored and treaded past the Army's line and tried to save any potential zombies and bring them back into safety. I remember the sights as horrifying as the stage 9 and 10s all looked emaciated and sad. There was a whole family of zombies who looked like holocaust victims. If they were horses I would have shot them.

I shot as many stage 1-8s as possible and then ran back to the doctors. Outside was a stage seven who was beating his wife with a large stick. As I was out of ammo I couldn't shoot him so I decided to punch him. I approached him and knocked him out, but apparently I got infected doing so. The doctors came out and started screaming at me calling me an idiot for touching a zombie as we were out of vaccine.


To prove that I was on my way to walking really slow they shined the flashlight on me and I was indeed a stage 1. The doctors had me sit outside the house while they scrambled to make some vaccine. While waiting I overheard some soldiers talking about how once they round up all the zombies in the stadium that an air strike would take them all out. Genocide in Germany!

Dream ended.

Today is going to suck.

"I always loved horror and that's sort of the reason we decided to make the film. We were nourished on those sorts of films, so it was a labor of love." - Simon Pegg

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Miss Ash said...

Ummmm haha, quite the dream and interesting that you remember so much of it. Perhaps you were dreaming right before you woke up.