Jul 27, 2007

Politics and hot people.

People who have been reading this blog have been very patient with it's redundancy. If I'm not posting about movies it's usually about news events involving hot people or strange stories that involve violence, nudity, a sword, and barnyard animals. Yes I know the content in Erik's Ramblings is getting a little tired, but really that may never change. I was often told if you can't write about what you know fake being an expert. Yes I profess many opinions on this blog, some well informed while others are just ramblings about things you care nothing for, but for all my intellectual faults I make up for by posting images of good looking people. And really what is quality online literature without a curvaceous figure?

I'm of the firm belief that to get more people interested in the political process is provide potential voters with one thing and that is cleavage. With all the attention Obama has been getting for being mildly attractive it makes sense that boobies are the key to making an informed decision at the polls.

The great minds at TheHill.com tend to agree with my theory by making a list of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. Most images on CSPAN are of 40 year old balding fat guys who don't age well due to daily visits to their local high class brothel/cocaine dealer which would lead most mildly interested political fans to think that D.C. is populated by nothing but angry looking trolls.

Well they may be right. There are quite a few hot people on this list for sure(Betsy Barrett being my personal fave), but Nancy Pelosi made number 4. Number f*&#ing four. I'm amazed she even made the list at all. Is our nation's capital just nothing but ugly people grasping for power cause they were picked on in school?

"The thing about D.C. is it's not Miami or New York where there are all these hot people everywhere. I'm cute by New York standards, but when I came here, my stock just shot up fast." - Jessica Cutler

50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill - Top 10


Mattbear said...

Goddamn, seeing an attractive Republican woman just tears me apart. That's why my favorites off that list are Kathleen Taylor and Jessica Smith. Although I'd overlook the Republican thing for a shot at the Muller sisters - holy jebus they are hot.

Miss Ash said...

Ummm hello Guy Lipa and Orlando Harrison....both Democrats :)