Jul 16, 2007

Wiwille is a winner and a loser.

The Pretty Girl asked me to tag along with a bunch of her co-workers to see the latest Harry Potter film on IMAX 3-D. While I'm not a fan of the lifeless fantasy character I thought it may be cool to see it in that format. We agreed to meet there as she might be late picking up her friends from the airport.

Scheduling events while hoping airlines will stay on schedule proved to be a daunting task as their flight was delayed. I agreed to go to the Pacific Science Center and wait outside with a ticket for her. I arrived to find all her friends lined up already. My roommate, the Jiggaman, purchased all tickets ahead of time including five extra for reasons he couldn't explain. We wanted to get rid of them and I called everyone I knew who might be interested in rushing out to a children's movie. Actually I only phoned one person, my boss, who is fan of the boy wizard and his school time adventures. He didn't answer. He probably saw my name appear on the caller ID and assumed it was something about work, or he secretly plotting firing me, and sent my call to voice mail.

They open the gates to the theatre and usher people in. It was crowded for sure as the show was sold out. I stood outside holding the five extra tickets asking people if they wanted them. As I was selling the five a couple came to me and asked if I had more. I said no as I was holding two as I awaited my girlfriend to arrive. After the last ticket was sold I headed to Starbucks to get some coffee. On my way back I noticed the gates were locked. I asked the guard if they were letting people in who were ticket holders and he said no.

Damn I could've sold the last two tickets. Oh well. So after parking, tickets, Starbucks, and standing outside for 45 minutes it turned out to be a big fat waste of time and money, but then again I didn't have to sit through a long ass movie that I doubt had much more to say than the previous four films. Really it was kinda a win for me, but sucked for the Pretty Girl who is a fan of the books and movies. I wanted to see Sicko anyways. Maybe some other time.

"The storytelling seems occasionally disjointed, but...for all the special-effects wizardry, that touch of film magic never surfaces. There's fireworks and action and much swooshing about, but this interim installment seems stuck in one nightmarish gear." - David Ansen


Mattbear said...

I loathe everything Harry Potter. Fortunately, I am at a stage in my relationship that I can tell my woman to go to that stupid movie without me, while I go see some quality film like Live Free or Die Hard.

Experimental Mania said...

i cant stand the whole hype around harry potter..
the worst thing is i had to go for the movie with my cousin(she a pottermaniac in the true sense of the word)..
i blogged about it as well!

mungsprout said...

Aw what a pain in the ass for you to be hanging around all that time though

Miss Ash said...

At least you had Starbucks!!! That was worth waiting around haha.

Scott said...

That is a real shame that you missed out on the mysitcal realm of Pottersville.


PaBLo G said...

and who says chivalry is dead?