Jul 18, 2007

Who didn't see this coming?

I like video games. Yes I spent many an hour playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 battling it out with fellow gamers all the while taunting them with phrases such as 'useless pig fucker'. Nowadays I don't make the time for playing them as I used to as most games are really just better versions of age old ideas. Still I haven't picked up a Wii yet, which is a very innovative concept.

Regardless Sam sent me a piece of news that I find disturbing as all hell and so should you. A young couple are now facing prison time for neglecting their infants because they were too busy playing online a Dungeon and Dragons online video game. The situation was so bad for the children that the 11 month old was weighed in at 10lbs and had a mouth infection, dry skin, and severe dehydration. To top it off her head had to be shaved due to her hair being matted with cat urine. The other child was treated for starvation and a genital infection. Thankfully both infants are expected to make a speedy recovery.

I've never played online video games as they hold no interest to me and I'm too busy just being awesome to bother with the time consuming activity, but obviously there are others who think otherwise. I do hope the parents spend a long and quality experience in pound-in-the-ass prison. Those who are addicted to video games are beyond rehabilitation especially those who can't even take the time to feed a child.

I wonder what condition their cat was in.

"They had food; they just chose not to give it to their kids because they were too busy playing video games." - Kelli Ann Viloria, prosecutor on the case.

Internet-Obsessed Couple Let Kids Starve


Mattbear said...

I've played some MMOs. They are a big time sucker. And I can see how someone could get addicted to them. I don't play those anymore because I prefer to play games I can easily quit to go, oh I don't know, eat dinner or take care of my kid.

Sadly, this couple's case is not really anything new. It's just one instance of an incredibly sad trend. One guy in Korea died because he wouldn't pry himself away from World of WarCrack long enough to feed himself.

whatigotsofar said...

But they found time to breed???

Its people like this that make it impossible for me to play these games. How can I compete with my couple-hours-a-week window of gaming opportunity?

Miss Ash said...

In the past i've been known to play Tetris or the Sims into the wee hours of the morning...however this is ridiculous.

It's like the people that leave their children in the car while they go and gamble at the casino. It's an addiction and it's sad. There really should be a licence to have children.