Jul 2, 2007

Hire Wiwille!

Online networking is so important to some people. Whether it be those who constantly spend their off hours on Facebook or Myspace or others who try to get attention by posting pictures of themselves in revealing clothing (which works) being popular online can consume a lot of energy and time. Some who's goal it is to become 'cool' on the internet, but don't have time or the creative spark to write and maintain a blog or MySpace site, can and will hire someone to do it for them.

Yes folks you can buy friends on the internet and oh what a reward that must be. Think about it. Hiring someone to make yourself look cool can be easy to pull off. Since I'm uber cool, have the writing talent of Steinbeck, and the toughest mo-fo you've ever met I think I'll offer my services for making you the most popular thing online since the Star Wars kid. Heck the raging success of Erik's Ramblings is proof. I get a whole three readers each day!!! Posting numerous pics of Scarlett has helped I'm sure.

Seriously folks you are quite possibly the most pathetic person alive if you feel you have to hire someone to help you maintain some semblance of popularity online. I understand that blogging consistently can be difficult, but really isn't the point of it more self satisfying than anything? Is buying friends online worth it?

To those who may think that this blog is outsourced do you think I honestly pay for someone to write posts this incoherent with no attempt at proper grammar?

"This guy is a busy entrepreneur and he says that wherever he goes, people marvel at the energy he still manages to put into blogging and networking - and he then tells them it is all being done by a guy he pays to do it." - BBC article

Are my online friends for real?


Miss Ash said...

Good Lord what has this world come to. I have never heard of this and agree that it's absolutely asinine. Signed Kelly errr I mean Miss Ash haha.

Mattbear said...

I've often thought of offering my services for hire as a blog editor to clean up spelling and grammatical errors. But offering to write someone's blog for them? I can't seem to muster the energy to update my own, lately.

And I didn't figure anyone would be dumb enough to pay for either of those services, anyway.