Oct 19, 2007

Adventures without power.

Yesterday the Seattle area was hit with a wind storm. I skipped the gym and drove home to find my place without power. No big deal I thought. I text messaged my boss informing him about the lack of electricity to help with some contingency planning in case the storm moved towards the office. He replied back and called me Jeff Renner, local weatherman.

My boss is such a card.

Without power I decided it would be a good time to read a book. I fell asleep reading and awoke in total darkness. I grabbed my flashlight and made my way upstairs to find some candles, but the power then came back on. Great now I can cook.

I started making some chicken when the power went out again. Crap. I realized I have no snacks or anything that doesn't require a stove or microwave and without any idea how long the outage may be I decided to trek somewhere that may have electricity so I can eat. First I got to see about some candles.

My roommate had apparently used them all as he's a big fan of fire scented goodness. This is the same guy that takes bubble baths and owns two cats.

As I walked to my vehicle with my flashlight a neighbor poked his head out the door.

Neighbor: You gots yourselves a flashlight don't cha?
Me: Ehh...sure do.
Neighbor: The power it sure is out.
Me: Yes indeed.
Neighbor: I gots me a flashligh too.
Me: Well...that's great.
Neighbor: Yeah, youz be careful out there young man.
Me: Thanks.

This would be the start of a rather surreal evening.

As I make my way down the road I noticed all of Seattle has power, cept my neighborhood. Beacon Hill, downtown, and everywhere up and down Rainier Ave had electricity. Just my luck I guess.

I drive to the grocery store to get some non-perishable foods, candles, and batteries. I go to the area where candles are stored to find them all sold out. An employee walks by.

Employee: You looking for candles?
Me: Yep.
Employee: Well we're all sold out of them.
Me: I see.
Employee: Actually we do have some up near the Halloween section.
Me: Thanks.

I go to their seasonal aisle and amongst candy and other Halloween decor I find some stupid looking ghost candles. Ehh, it's only for tonight so I pick up a few. One ghost candle with the word 'boo' written on it, another one shaped like a pumpkin, and another with a ghost peering round a box all went into my basket.

A little girl tugs on my coat.

Little girl: I'm gonna be Ariel for Halloween.
Me: Right on.
Little girl: What are you gonna be?
Me: Barney Rubble.
Little girl: You can't be Barney Rubble.
Me: Why not?
Little girl: Cause...you can't.
Me: Okay then.
Little girl: I'm gonna be Ariel.
Me: So I've heard.
Little girl: ....Are you going trick or treating?
Me: Probably not.
Little girl: My mommy's taking me trick or treating.
Me: That's cool.....hey where is your mommy?
Little girl: I dunno.

Ye gods!

Me: Do you wanna go for a walk to the front of the store?
Little girl: Yeah.

She took me by the hand and walked with me all the while telling me how Nate is not a nice boy at school. He threw bark dust at her. I told her Nate just likes her. She argued with me about the kindness of Nate.

Since I live in a neighborhood that requires a cop to be stationed at a grocery store I decided to take her to the officer. Her mom was there standing next to him when she turned and looked at me. She screamed "that's mine" and ran towards us and hugged the child.

After the mom briefly scolded the child about never leaving her sight again she thanked me for taking the kid up there. I said it was no problem and turned to walk away when suddenly the kid threw her arms round my leg.

Little girl: Will you be my mommy's prince?
Me: uhhh.....maybe for next Halloween.

After a look of sheer horror the mother then smiled and apologized for her daughter. I laughed. She was a cute kid.

After my supply shopping was done I made my way home. I pull up to the curb and notice something strange. The power returned. Sweet. Now what the hell am I to do with these stupid candles?

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Buddha


whatigotsofar said...

Oh, that's sly. That takes balls! [clap clap clap]

The single mother sent her [the daughter] into the grocery store to get "lost" and find a nice man to help her find her mother. The things some women will do to meet a man.

Yes, I'm that cynical.

And if you kept the receipt, you can return the candles, no?

Mattbear said...

So many joke possibilities, but really I got nothin.

I take it this was not a MILF, then? Cause if she was you missed your chance and I'm ashamed of you.

rawbean said...

I've heard there are a lot of single guys in Seattle. Is this true? Discuss.

Claire said...

Aw, what a sweet story!

I totally think you could rock Barney Rubble, fwiw.