Oct 15, 2007

You so have my vote.

It's election season and I for one am enjoying the creativity amongst the candidates. Catchy slogans, bad music, and less than clever one liners regarding critical issues are thrown abound with almost reckless abandon.

People running for city council are known for bearing a cross no matter how ridiculous the issue may be. It's difficult for them to catch the electorates' attention during a presidential race so sometimes their issues may seem small compared to a war. Still great lengths are taken to ensure voters chose the right candidate at the polls.

Jose ''Pepe'' Caragol, 76, has decided to use a campaign slogan that I think all can get behind. Not one to avoid controversy he uses the phrase 'If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council.'

Of course this has set off a firestorm of protests, but I for one am all for Caragol's fight against sodomy laws in the area. I mean really is taxes, public services, and education more important than good oral? Yes you say? You my friend need to re-organize your priorities.

"People want to give it a negative interpretation, but anyone who knows me and my way of being knows that I didn't mean for the comment to degrade or offend anyone." - Jose ''Pepe'' Caragol

Candidate forced to defend crude slogan


Miss Ash said...

Oh I love it!!!

whatigotsofar said...

Although I am in favour of oral sex between two or more consenting adults, I will try to defend the other side. Oral sex is obscene. All sex should be for reproduction only. Ah screw it. Oral sex is fun.

When it comes time to grease the polls, think Pepe Caragol. If its good enough for Clinton, its good enough for you.

Mattbear said...

Pepe has my vote.

I think the Presidential candidates should adopt this. The Democrats would have the edge. What are the Republicans going to use? "If you like missionary position in the dark on alternate Thursdays only, vote Thompson"?

Grace said...

Hehe, that's pretty funny.

I like him!