Oct 20, 2007

Wiwille goes shopping

I got out of the gym this morning and realized I have nothing to do today. No one wants to watch the UFC tonight with me so I figured I need a time killer. Then I saw a guy pull up next to me on a motorcycle. It hit me.

I called Andrew and asked him to go motorcycle shopping with me, but sadly he had plans with the wife. He gave me a few tips on models I should be looking at, cause I'm thinking about keeping the cost low, but still I decided to first venture to the Bellevue Harley dealer.

Yes I couldn't resist. I walked in their and almost had an orgasm looking at the beautiful machines laid out before me.

I met a salesman named Bart who was patient with me and understood I'm really an idiot when it comes to these things. He let me pick his brain while I absorbed the information. He let me sit on the bikes and try out what I like. I'm torn between three motorcycles, a Fat Boy and two Sportsters.

God I want a Harley.

I'm glad I didn't take a girl with me, cause not to sound gay, but Bart was a good looking guy. Really tall and handsome he admitted that he sold more bikes to women than guys. I looked like a troll standing next to him. I'm sure if I had a ladyfriend with me she would insist I buy something from him right then and there. Bart was a great guy though and was a good enough salesman to know I was there looking to buy and not just drool over the motorcycles.

I decided to get my license first before I buy so I can take a test drive. I'll be taking a class in the coming months to insure I do so.

I then made my way to a huge motorcycle store. They sold all the imports, mostly crotch rockets. Still I found much cheaper bikes that surprisingly look like Harleys, but they just weren't the same. I could save myself a few thousand in the initial purchase, but I've wanted a Harley for years. Plus the depreciation value is much better with a domestic bike.

The store was a little overwhelming as they were blaring butt rock including Skid Row and Winger. It was so bad the salesman had to talk really loud to me. There were bikes there that I could've afforded today, but I decided not to buy the first day I look.

Damn I want a Harley. Seriously I want one. Sitting on the Fatboy, closing my eyes, dreaming of the open road with nothing to separate the environment from myself sans some leather. Yes I want a Harley. It's taking all my strength to not head back to Eastside Harley with my checkbook.

I decided since Andrew took the name Scarlett for his crotch rocket...errr 'sports cruiser'....I'm naming mine Alyssa. It's only fair really. I've wanted Miss Milano and a Harley since I was 12 so it makes sense.

"You don't buy a Harley with your mind, you buy it with your heart and your balls." - Robert Patrick


Anonymous said...

I believe you need to meet your bike before you can name it. It may be less of an Alyssa and more of a Reese.

Mattbear said...

A Fatboy is a hell of a big bike for your first one. I love the look of them, but I can't ride one because my legs are too short. If I sit on a Fatboy, my legs are against the airfilter canister.

If you're dead set on buying a Hog for your first bike, I'd suggest "splitting the difference" as it were between the models you want and go for a Sportster 1200. An 883 Sportster will beat you up on any lengthy rides, and you'll want to trade it in as soon as you get used to riding, to get something bigger. With the 1200, you can learn on a bigger bike, but not be ready to swap it for bigger one right away.

Personally, my Harley of choice would be the SuperGlide, but I am going to get my old Yamaha running first and ride a season on that. That way if I fuck up and wreck my bike I'm ot destroying an expensive Harley.