Oct 25, 2007

We are idiots.

Ahh 2006. Seems like so long ago. The Democrats got control back from Congress and voters got a sense of accomplishment. The general public wanted, nay demanded, change from the administration and were tired of page fucking old men signing worthless bills into law at the behest of our idiot in chief. With the Democratic overhaul in Washington there was smell of victory in the air and people were enthralled with the idea of the shackles being placed on the White House.

Yeah that turned out real well for ya didn't it? Way to elect Pelosi as our leader. Done a bang up job so far.

Chris Matthews stated that the number one topic of the next presidential election would be gender. I find that depressing that instead of candidates discussing foreign and fiscal policy is getting less attention than whether someone has a penis or not. To compound my frustration we're so enthralled by holy underwear wearing New Englanders and cross dressing mayors that voters aren't likely to demand our presidential hopefuls answer tough questions with clear, sound answers. They might as well drop trou and prove they're circumcised, well sans one actually.

Vote in '08, cause genitalia really matters.

Some of the candidates have surprised me with how well their campaigns going, especially Hillary's. Then again Americans are more interested in jumping on the bandwagon of the next big thing then demanding we have a strong, intelligent leader.

Excuse me while I go cry.

"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends." - Hillary Clinton


Mattbear said...

I think when the American public voted a doddering old bad actor into the highest office of the land 27 years ago, it pretty much put the last nail in the coffin of the "intelligent, capable President" argument.

Considering the best President elected since then got the office largely for playing sax on the Arsenio Hall Show and answering the "boxers or briefs" question on MTV, and used the office to get a few hummers from the intern with the least self-esteem and protect himself from getting in trouble for his fraudulent land deals...yeah, I've given up hope on getting a good President.

At this point, I'm just hoping for one who isn't pure evil.

Miss Ash said...

Go Vaginas!!!

whatigotsofar said...

Here's an outsiders perspective on American politics.
Republicans and Democrats are basically the same. When a Democrat in power gets outed he admits to being gay, resigns, finds Jesus and claims to be straight again. Republicans just deny being gay.