Apr 15, 2008

Finally one I want to see, or do I?

Everyone knows who Marilyn Monroe was, but many of her fans adore her for different reasons. While she's not my favorite starlet from that era (I'll reserve my heart for Grace Kelly till the end of my days) there's no denying that I'm fascinated with her work. Always beautiful she walked the thin line of portraying herself as a naive simpleton but still maintaining a classy demeanor which few actresses have achieved since. Although many have tried to emulate her no one captured the minds and hearts of the movie going public such as she.

It has come to light that there is a sex tape involving her servicing some unknown man. According to the story the film was made before she became a star and fell into the hands of a mob informant. In the mid 60s the FBI became aware of the film and confiscated the 16mm negatives so Hoover could try and prove that the man in question was one of the Kennedy brothers. The cross dressing cop found no evidence and the footage seemed to be unavailable to all who don't work in the justice department.

However the informant made a copy and gave it to his son. His son in turn sold it to a wealthy collector recently for 1.5 million. The buyer claims he'll keep the film buried out of respect.

Now when I first read that I almost danced a happy jig at the thought of getting to see that. After much thought though I decided I'll actually make no effort to view said footage.

Yes that may shock you, but I thought about all the sex tapes I've seen including Pamela, Paris, and Kim and was really kind of bored by them. While yes Marilyn is way hotter than the other women my image of her is quite different. I don't know much about her personal life and I've kept it that way, cause I enjoy the fantasy I created about her based on her work. Granted I know it's all a delusion, but it's my way of romanticising yester year and really watching her give oral on camera may shatter my dreams. I mean what if she's bad at it? I could just not see it and let my ignorance of her cock sucking be in fact bliss.

I'm kinda a weird guy when I think about it.

"Dogs never bite me. Just humans." - Marilyn Monroe


UPDATE: This may be a hoax.


Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder what sort of quality the video is. Tape doesn't last forever, especially if its not stored properly. And the quality of the recording itself. Home video production got a lot better in the 80s; years after this video was made.

JLee said...

I know what you mean. I would not want to disrespect or tarnish her memory. Good for you.

Grace said...

In my opinion, it's not the type of video that should be released. She's a legend... it would be wrong on too many levels.

As for Grace Kelly, I was named after her, so I'm a big fan as well.

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - As I understand it it's 16mm negatives which were interneged (sp), but still my curiosity does peak.

Jlee - Thanks. I think I'm making the right decision, then again I doubt the footage will see the light of day anytime soon.

Grace - Your parents were smart people.

Foster Communications said...

I'm sure Perezhilton.com will have a link to it before long...

Miss Ash said...

She was too much of a lady to suck cock, I wouldn't want to see it.

Miss Ash said...

Oh and I've bought a ticket to Van for June....are you still anywhere near there?

Wiwille said...

FC - Fuck Perez Hilton and all he stands for.

Miss Ash - Yeah me neither. I don't think I would even watch one with Scarlett. That's saying a lot.

Per our conversation I will make a trip up to Vancouver to hang. I love that town.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you can now admit the need to be just as disillusioned by your favorite celebrities as the rest of us. Now you can come down off of your pedestal a lil’ bit, eh? ;) LOL Sorry, just had to go there :P U know I luv ya