Apr 28, 2008

Illing meme.

I'm not feeling all that well today so I'll do a meme that's been floating around my blogroll.

My roommate and I once: Worked at the same place. Still do actually.

Never in my life have I: had sex with a man.

High school was: when I learned to drink.

When I am nervous I: I get quiet.

My hair is: pretty messy right now.

When I was 5: I wanted to be Superman and fight with the armies of Michael the Arc Angel. I was a strange child. I also danced to Fiddler on the Roof.

By this time next year: I'll be touring the country on a motorcycle.

I have a hard time understanding: Hillary supporters.

You know I like you if: I actually tell you how I'm feeling.

My ideal breakfast is: Eggs Benedict.

If you visit my hometown: you will hate the smell from the mills.

If you spend the night at my house: you'll drink good beer and you'll play a board game.

My favorite blonde is: Scarlette, oh you knew that.

My favorite brunette is: Salma Hayek

The animal I would like to see flying is: a dog of any breed. It would be funny to see them chase their tail in mid-air.

I shouldn’t: fart in public.

Last night I: cried myself sick.

If I could have any car it would be: .....to hell with a car. I'd have a Harley Fatboy.

I’ve been told I look like: Shane West, Ewan McGregor, and even Tobey Maguire. None of which I get.

"Sexy, to me, doesn't have anything to do with beautiful." - Shane West


Anonymous said...

No sex with men. Right on, brother.

JLee said...

I second WIGSF's comment. I am curious about the crying thing and agree completely with that quote from your Doppleganger, Shane. ha

Miss Ash said...

Ewan McGregor = sexy!! And he rode a motorcycle around :)

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - Yeah I feel good about it.

Jlee - I may post about it sometime. When I'm ready.

Miss Ash - I think it's time to emulate the celebrity then, that is if I actually believed I look anything like him.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was your favorite brunette/red/purple haired girl? Anyhoo, Touring the country by motorcycle eh? I would love to see the blogs about that adventure! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and if you want some KILLER Eggs Bene, try Jaks Crabcake eggs benedict.. guuhhhhh

Foster Communications said...

Shane West is freaking hot. That rugged bad boy turned good in Walk To Remember pretty much did it for me...

And about farting in public? That, my friend, is referred to as "crop dusting!"

Wiwille said...

PK - You know you're my favorite regardless of hair color. I'll have to go to Jaks sometime soon.

FC - Yeah I took it as a compliment. I'll use the 'crop dusting' term from now on.

Pablo G said...

I'm buying a crop duster too and traveling this great nation, just like Jack Kerouac.