Apr 24, 2008

More Wiwille dreams. This time with horrifying results.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. Yesterday I decided to take a nap and woke up from a dream so out there I had trouble getting back to bed later that evening.

The dream started with me browsing in a department store. I get a phone call from my friend Elli who asked me to come over to her place. I said I needed a shower cause I was about to go on a trip. She said that was fine and that she would meet me there.

I was then showering at Elli's when her fiance Friend (yes that's his given name) walks in with a family of four. I asked them to leave as I was naked in the shower, but Friend insisted that they all say hi. I ask him to hand me my clothes and he complies stating that I'll need them for my trip to Germany. He mentioned that I was in the army and my platoon would need me. I put my clothes on and I get a call from Elli. She asks if I want to meet her at a bar. I ask her if Friend is coming along and she says no and that I'll understand why when I get there.

Suddenly I'm in Germany standing with a bunch of soldiers going over plans to rescue a captured platoon of Americans. Our group was to sneak up on the Germans, kill them if necessary, and escort our soldiers back to the base. We make our way to our intended target and start belly crawling. We stand up and a firefight with the Germans ensue. The Americans were huddled in a circle staying put. I grab my machine gun and start firing, but I lost control of it and not only did I take down each and every one of the enemy I also shoot up the Americans as well.

I run up to the Americans to see if there are any survivors, but sadly there were none. My platoon leader looks at me and shrugs his shoulders and starts complaining about how that was a complete waste of time. I start yelling at him telling him I committed the most atrocious incident, but the rest of the platoon seemed nonchalant about the whole thing and just wanted to return to base.

A German soldier appears and starts pointing a pistol at us and screaming. I run up to him and disarm him. He starts to back off and I talk him out of doing anything rash. He keeps walking backwards mumbling something in his native tongue. I drop the clip of the pistol and check the chamber only to find a bunch of small sticks covered in red paint instead of bullets. I look up and the German is gone.

Our platoon is back at base and some commander wanted to give me a medal, but I refused telling him what exactly happened out there. He didn't seem to care and wanted to give me the medal anyways. I start to sob and demand I go home.

I'm suddenly in a small town near my childhood home with a couple guys from the platoon. One of them says we were going to meet his girlfriend at a place called Bundy's, a fifties style drive up burger joint. We arrive at the diner and the guys said they'd be sitting in the restaurant. The girlfriend asked me to order food with her.

On a side note she looked like Meghan McCain.

We order our food and wait and make small talk. She asked me about serving in Germany, but I started to tear up telling her about my horrific experience. She smiled and said it would be all right and then explained that her and her boyfriend would be heading up to Seattle by bus. She then told me that Greyhound has great deals as you can take a bag of weed on there for $35 as opposed to booze which was $45.


I told her that I was from the area, but she fell silent. I told her this is usually when someone says where they are from to keep the conversation going, but she ignored that and asked if I could take a drive with her and show her around.

We hop into her SUV and she drives me around the town while I reminisce about stories from my youth. She stops the car at a shopping area and we walk around these western style stores. We enter one store that had a sign saying they were closed, but we could go in as far as a small waist high fence separating us from the merchandise.

I was standing by the fence looking at trinkets and tea sets. She dares me to hop the fence, which I did before the girl finished her sentence. Suddenly I hear sirens and I turned and hurdled it again.

We quickly exit the store and go into a candy shop where her boyfriend and his buddy happened to be. A woman approaches me and asks me what I was doing. I told her I was shopping. She asks for ID, but I refuse. The lady flashes a badge stating she's a cop. I give her my drivers license and she pulls out some machine and walks away.

After some conversation with the McCain look alike and her boyfriend the cop comes back with a ticket typed out on the back of an envelope. I started reading it and find out I am being fined $8 for entering a store with a dog that doesn't have a leash. I argue with the cop as it was obvious to everyone that I don't own a canine, but she says if I don't pay it I'll never be allowed in the town again.

The guy and girl then leave to get on a bus and the other guy asks me to go to a football field. I go there and most of the platoon I was with in Germany was there. They greet me warmly and congratulate me on being a hero, but I start to cry again thinking about killing the fellow soldiers. Suddenly another squad shows up wearing all white shirts and trash talking us.

We agree to a friendly scrimmage. We line up on the 50 yard line and I looked and saw an old childhood friend lined up near me, but he doesn't acknowledge me. I drop back to play linebacker, but the dream ended.

That image of shooting up everyone is still haunting me.

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed." - Dwight D. Eisenhower


JLee said...

I joked about your "Saved by the Bell" dream, but I actually love dream interpretation and think I'm pretty good at it, depending on how well I know the person. You've been having a lot of mall or shopping center dreams, which I found this info on:

A mall can represent your life or several aspects of your life, with each store or area representing an activity, relationship, job or aspect of school, project, etc. Consider your feelings about the places in the shopping center and the dream events that happen there, and look for parallels with feelings and events in your real life.

The fact that you got arrested is negative, so it could represent:

A feeling or fear of being accused, or of being falsely accused

A need to take more responsibility for yourself and your actions

Feeling that you should be especially mindful of watchful eyes

The war and football game could be conflict, but you don't seem to have rage since you didn't mean to kill people and felt bad about it.

"Pay attention to the type of activity, the dynamics between you and other players, and how you feel about what's going on. A game can represent a real-life activity (past, expected future, imagined, etc.) or the dynamics of a real-life situation"

sorry for the long comment!

Anonymous said...

One word...therapy

Wiwille said...

Jlee - That's very interesting. I may post more of my dreams. Hell I could devote a new blog to them.

Anon - Thanks Sam.

Mattbear said...

Were you feeling the need to out-weird my dream?

Miss Ash said...

Umm I'll bring you my old dream book when I visit! Then you can look up your wacky dreams and we can discuss over a pint.

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - Trust me I had no intention of having that miserable dream to out do you.

Miss Ash - Sounds like a good plan. After quite a few pints we should write our own book.

grace said...

That's intense. Just remember it was only a dream. Is your friend's fiance actually called 'Friend'?

Mang said...

ummm... can i have my 15 minutes back? lol jk, but seriously how the fark do you remember your dreams so vividly??? are you writing this down right when you wakeup?

SareBeth said...

Meghan McCain, eh? I think you might have a new crush Wiwille.. Ta hell with Scarlet, she can't act anyway.

Foster Communications said...

Too much spicy food? Too much happy juice? What's going on with you?? Just a wee bit freaky.....