Apr 9, 2008

It kept me alive, barely

For those who've ever spent any amount of time in their lives being poor this post is for you. Others might as well read a Scarlette post or gym story from the archives.

I came home to my apartment on a Friday night. The taste of various kinds of alcohol still permeating my tongue. I fumble with the keys marking up the door as I try to accomplish the simple task of inserting it into the lock. Finally after much hassle the door opens and I stumble into the living room.

I should go straight to bed, but my stomach is begging me for substance other than liquid. I throw open the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator only to find nothing more than stale crackers, a jar with a single pickle, and various condiments.

But wait I have the food of the gods sitting on the counter. Sure I may have had the same thing for lunch and dinner today, as well as the last six months, but it was cheap and available. I grab a pot, clean it up, and boil some water on the stove. I throw in the package of shrimp flavored Maruchan Ramen in the water and wait in anticipation of the tasty noodles.

Being young, poor, and terrible with prioritizing my money Ramen became a staple of my diet. They sold ten of them for a dollar so it gave me the opportunity to spend my cash on other things, such as booze, concerts, women, etc. Sure it's not the healthiest of diets, but I won't regret consuming it on a regular basis, cause without it I may not have had as much fun.

The noodles are finally done. I place a plate on top of the pot and use it as a makeshift strainer. I open the shrimp flavored packet, which in retrospect didn't taste all that much different than the other flavors, and mix it with the noodles. I sit up on the counter and take my first bite. My roommate wakes up and asks if I'm drunk. I keep quiet as he already knows the answer.

Why write this post? Well in honor of the World Ramen Summit or course. I find this awesome. My eating habits have changed dramatically since then, and for the better I'd like to think, but sometimes I miss those glorious days of ending a fun night on simple sustenance.

"Ramen is not just for Japan, but it is also for the world and the universe," - Junichiro Koizumi


JLee said...

Ramen rocks! It's my daughter's favorite thing to eat. Good thing since they're about 20 cents a pack. That commercial is hysterical...

whatigotsofar said...

WIGSF's Money Saving Tip #37
-Keep the booze and the concerts, ditch the women.

SareBeth said...

I'm assuming this is the same sorta thing as Mr. Noodles?

Miss Ash said...

Jennifer just bought a case of those things for $14.99 and made some really good soup with it. (threw in some shitake mushrooms, green onions etc).

Ummm has your diet really changed?? Don't you eat soup every day for lunch or something like that or have you taken it up a notch and eat Cambells now haha??

Anonymous said...

You do realize that this is not really food right? Again, EWWWWW

Mizzle said...

Nice, the video was delightfully random. Nothing wrong with top ramen, food of the gods.

Mattbear said...

Ah, Ramen. It has kept me from starvation more than once.

When Jen and I had our first place on our own, we worked fast food...so we lived off what we ate at work and, yes, Ramen.

Grace said...

I know them as Mr.Noodle as well. But yes, they are very good and all the flavours taste identical to each other. Mmm... I want some now.

Wiwille said...

Jlee - It's cool you get to feed your child for cheap.

WIGSF - Sorry, but I'm not into guys.

Sarebeth - I have no idea what Mr Noodles are.

Miss Ash - Yes I've upgraded to Campbells, but I don't eat soup for three squares a day like I used to.

PK - It's edible and tasty; therefore it is food.

Mizzle - Agreed.

Mattbear - I believe ramen has done more to save poor people from dying than anything.

Grace - Enjoy your noodles.