Apr 22, 2008

Strange dreams with Wiwille

Last night as I got little sleep I had an experience in dream land that must be shared. No the dream did not involve me being a member of the GI Joe team whooping ass on Cobra only to be greeted by my love Scarlette Johanson when I return home from battle.

I like the way you think though.

I was in a mall and for whatever reason I knew I had to find a particular item, but wasn't sure what it was. A random girl approached me and told me that I look lost and she'll assist with my shopping needs. I asked her how she could help since I didn't even know what I was looking for, but she claimed she knew exactly what I needed and that I should trust her.

I followed her to a particular store without question, cause she was hot. I'm kinda dumb that way.

We started browsing through the items which were displayed in a haphazard fashion and she came across a board game. She opened the game and it had playing pieces straight out Sorry and a board that was unique to say the least. On it was your typical standard board game, cept it had video images on it which had stills from Saved by the Bell.

Yes I said Saved by the Bell.

The girl explained to me that I must get this board game, that it had that unintentionally funny workout video the female cast members did, because that was supposed to mean something to me. She then went on to explain how this show was the cultural equivalent of Dante's Inferno. I argued that the idea of me buying a Saved by the Bell board game was about as useful to me as Scientology e-meter, but she would hear none of it.

Growing with frustration the girl demanded that I buy it. I took it from her and watched videos play on the board game. What's sad is that I didn't recognize the mall, the store, nor the girl, but I remembered the videos playing on the game. I watched too much television as a kid.

I look up at her and agreed to buy it, but as long as she would teach me how to play it. She said she would and then asked me about green shoes. The dream ended.

Many professionals in the field of dream study believe you should always try to find meaning in the surreal period of sleep. While I'm sure some of you may have your theories I believe the girl in question was an angel sent to tell me that Tiffani Thiessen is my soul mate. Yes I believe she's hotter now that she's gained weight. I like my girls curvy.

"There are too many rotten things in this world, and if I can put a smile on one little girl's face, one little boy's face, then I've done my job." - Tiffani Thiessen


Claire said...

Awesome. I had a similar dream involving Doctor Who memorabilia...does this mean David Tennant is my one true love? Pretty please?


Mattbear said...

I think weird dreams are some sort of epidemic going around. I don't usually even remember my dreams, but lately I've had a batch of truly bizarre ones. A week or so ago I had one that left me asking all day, "...but why was Ted Danson mad at me?"
I'll leave it at that.

@Claire - David Tennant? Seriously? I don't generally think of guys in those terms anyway, but Tennant I could see as "boyishly cute" at best - yet I see online tons of women in the UK who are just crazy over him. I just don't get it. Disclaimer: my view of male attractiveness is colored by my wife's taste in men, which runs to the "muscular" side (Erik: this is not a set-up for you to make a crack about my physique). Vin Diesel is one of her favorites.

JLee said...

I'll bet Tiffany's put smiles on a lot of little boys faces. ha
That sounds creepy.

I think you fell asleep on the couch after eating pepperoni pizza while watching "Saved by the Bell". A commercial for "Sorry" was on during the particular episode. See how easy that was to interpret? lol

(I think the workout video was the start of a decline for Elizabeth Berkley that culminated with "Showgirls")

Anonymous said...

Tiffani Amber Thiessen, she definitely puts the pow in Ka-POW-ski.

So what did you do after you washed your sheets?

grace said...

I'm glad you woke up after the green shoes question because things would have only gotten more complicated from there.

I had a great dream the other day that I think would make an incredible horror flick... I should really write it down before I forget it all.

SareBeth said...

Are you sure it wasn't Scene It? Disney Edition. You were on the hunt for?

Miss Ash said...

oh god I remember that video LMAO!! That's an odd dream Mr. Wee Willy.

Wiwille said...

Claire - It sure does. Hope it works out for ya.

Mattbear - Ted Dansen? You so gotta post about that.

Jlee - she did mine. Oh yes mam she did.

WIGSF - I washed them again.

Grace - When she said that I thought of the Porky Pig cartoon. You're probably too young to remember.

Sarebeth - I'm sure, but thanks for asking.

Miss Ash - I believe the children you and WIGSF are going to have will make fun of you for watching that.

Gee I'm a funny chap aren't I?

Mattbear said...

Your wish is my command. My weird dream is posted on my blog.

Foster Communications said...

At first I was going to say this meant you should listen to women. But then you lost me. Maybe you should quit taking drugs before bed. Just sayin...

Miss Ash said...

I hate kids!